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Game Title: Legend Of Katha
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 2D
Status: Alpha
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Free
Developer: ACK Media Pvt Ltd
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Legend Of Katha is a browser-based multi-player role playing game set in the lush world of Katha. It blends tactical thinking and dynamic graphics with a compelling storyline to satisfy all gamers. Players can challenge each other to combat, accumulate gold and undertake quests to win additional weapons and power-ups. Powerful foes will challenge you at every turn and you must use skill and strategy to survive.

Players will enter an original fantasy world called "Trikoot" and encounter other real players from around the world. The Katha players can duel on-line against each other to gain experience points, powerful weapons, armor and other unique items. All players will compete for "Katha Gold" (money) based on wins and losses. Character titles and traits can be unlocked based on the player's kill habits and as he or she plays along, the player's play-style and personality can be further developed. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to create or join a clan, declare your allies, enemies, and start your campaigns.

The game will launch with four different classes. Choosing the class will determine the foundation and play-style of your character throughout the game. As the players go on quests and complete various tasks, they will see the lores and legends of the land coming true before them. The more adventures they take part in, the more wondrous their experience of the world be, and the closer they will come to unlocking the Legend of Katha.

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when you log in for the first time, you will be asked to create your avatar. creation of avatars include three steps, following which you will enter the world of katha.

The three steps are:

1 -Character Selectioon
Choose to be a male/famale magician,warrior, trader or monk. These four classes, to begin with, have varying amounts of gold and health. The amount of gold and health will increase or decrease in the game as you play along.

2 - Character Customization
For both male and female character, you can customize your looks by choosing from a wide array of eye shape, nose shape, haistyle etc. You can also choose your skin colour,and decide on the constume to wear.

3 - Item Selection.

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Combat Arena is the place where you can fight other players to gain gold. Once inside the combat arena, you can attack any of the players that are in the arena. You can disengage from a duel anytime by leaving the combat arena.

You do not need to enter a combat arena in order to fight with an NPC. You can attack an NPC whenever and where ever you wish to.

Enter the combat arena by clicking on the combat button on the task bar at the bottom. you can also enter the combat arena directly from some of the maps.

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Quests are adventures that players embark upon to gain rewards or to advance in the game. Rewards might include extra gold, or special weapons or accessories that strengthen a player's profile. Quests involve killing creatures, solving puzzles and exploring unknown regions.

As you complete your quests, you get closer to unlocking the secret of The Katha.
As you combat in the game you get a chance to feature on the leader board.

Legend of Katha also has SMS Quests, that a player can choose to undertake.

SMS Quest is the way to win gold and exist in the world of Katha even when away from your personal computer or a gaming parlor. Through SMSes, you enter the world of Katha and embark on a quest to further improve your standing in the game. The quests will be text based questions sent in succession, and answering each question correctly leads to the completion of the quest, and to a reward of 100 Katha gold, which will be updated to your Katha account.


Items are the objects available in the world which are needed to perform quests. Items can be bought from the shop in exchange for a fixed amount of Katha Gold. A player with more or better items has more advantage in performing various tasks involving the quest - be it defending, or attacking, or having more health etc.

There are three kinds of items:

1 - Weapons
2 - Accessories
3 - Potions.

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The Shop is the place where you can buy items like weapons and accessories. Access the shop directly form the world or from the task bar at the bottom. Once inside the shop, you can purchase any of the weapons and accessories available in exchange for your Katha Gold.

Select what you would like to purchase by marking the item out. Once you've made your choice, hit the "GET" button to complete the transaction.

Leader Board

Leader Board gives the ranking of the top ten players and the respective gold earnings for Kill(number of kills), Pitoo, Gold Mining, Sand Boarding and Snake.

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Interested players can find more information about Legend Of Katha here.

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