SimAgri: The Online Agricultural Simulation Game

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SimAgri is a Multiplayer Online Game that allows you to become a farmer. Simulation oriented, SimAgri offers you a wide range of activities and that means being as close to reality as possible. Play a farmer and develop your farm, managing your different cultures and livestock. Learn and understand agriculture in an educational and fun way.

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You can choose between several activities, all related to agriculture :

  • Breeding : You can choose between several species and breeds. Cattle, pigs, goats, sheeps, rabbits, chicken, guinea fowl, american buffalo that you will have to take care of daily.
  • Cultivation/Crop : You can choose to grow wheat, corn, beets, soya and more. And why not try an orchard with apple trees for exemple.
  • FWF : FWF stands for Farm Work Firm, you offer farm work services to other farmers like sowing, plowing, manuring and more.
  • Transportation : You can become a hauling contractor. You will then manage your trucks, your drivers...
  • Farm equipment Dealer : You sell farm equipment to other farmers. Buy, sell, repair, rent equipment...
  • Stock Breeding Center : You will be in charge of performing artificial insemination for other farmers. Find the best breeding stock, sample semen et inseminate livestock...
  • Agricultural Cooperative : You manage your Agricultural Cooperative by proposing plot contracts to other farmers, buying and selling their food and crop production through a partnership...
  • And there is much, much more...

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The Farm

Your farm is located in the area you have chosen (region/departement) when signing up. It is also randomly located in 1 of 10 zones that make up the departement. Those 10 zones are used to give a sense of distance and geographical repartition. The farms are more or less close to each other. The zone 1 being closer to zone 2 than to zone 10, zones 5 and 6 being in the middle. A move inside your zone costs 0.25 AP and then an additional 0.25 AP per zone.

Your farm as a whole comprises buildings, equipment, lands or plots and livestock and that's everything you need to manage your farm.

Agricultural equipment

There are a lot of different equipments available, each of them with different specs. SimAgri has an agreement with the manufacturers and is allowed to use the brand, logo, and specs for each of them. All those elements are and stay the property of those manufacturers. You can have a look to the Partnership page.


SimAgri presents you with a large choice of cultures, thus you can diversify and make culture farming your main activity or your secondary activity. Before you start, check the following information to start from the right foot.


In SimAgri you can also choose to start arboriculture as primary or secondary activity. Before you start, check the game rules to have a good start. So far only apples, pears and peaches are available.

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Although developed by French company, SimAgri has now a English version. The supports such as guides, game rules are also translated. You could try this online agricultural simulation game here.

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