Gangster Paradise 2: Lead Your Life in Gangster Paradise

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KeyWord: Gangster, Crime, Mobstar, Mafia, RPG
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Gangster Paradise 2

GP2 (Gangster Paradise 2) is a massively mutiplayer online browser-based RPG (Role Playing Game.) Enter the world of Gangster Paradise. Based on a gangster theme, your aim, among thousands of other players is to become powerful and respected. This can be achieved by force, gambling, networking and ranking your way to the top. Crimes can be understake, stores and casinos managed, and deals made as you push your way into power.

You choose how you play the game. On the way you can make allies and become part of a gang, silencing any enemies. On the other hand, you could sink into the shadows and subtly build power, waiting for the time to make your stand.

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