Dynasty Empires: Tactical Game Based on the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms:

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KeyWord: Dynasty Empires, China, Warfare, History
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Game Title: Dynasty Empires
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Ancient World
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Optional premium accounts
Developer: Dynasty Empires
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Dynasty Empires is a free browser based tactical MMORPG, MMOG, multiplayer online role-playing game. Based on the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms. There is no software to download. Just register, sign in and start playing. Take control of Ancient China's greatest warriors in the famous 3 Kingdoms Era. Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Jian, Lu Bu, Guan Yu and various great warriors are at your helm as you build your empire and crush your enemy empires who stand in your way.?

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In DynastyEmpires, when you first enter the game, you will be given a choice to join a faction:

Lu Bei Shu Kingdom( Guan Yu - Zhang Fei - Zhao Yun - Jiang Wei - Zhuge Liang - Pang Tong - Ma Chao - Huang Zhong - Yue Ying)

Cao Cao Wei Kingdom( Dian Wei - Xu Zhu - Xiahou Dun - Sima Yi - Guo Ji - Xiahou Yuan - Cao Ren - Xu Huang)

Sun Jian Wu Kingdom( Taishi Ci - Gan Ning - Lu Meng - Sun Ce - Sun Quan - Lu Xun - Huang Gai - Zhou Yu)

Han Dynasty( Lu Bu - Zhang Liao - Pang De - Dong Zhuo - Nanman - Wei Yan - Yuan Shao - Zhang He)

From there, you will build your empire, search for new peasants, with more peasants, you will earn more gold, thus enabling you to build your war units.

Units from each faction of the 3 Kingdoms era will be commanded by the famous and likable generals we have come to know from that era. From Cao Cao, Guan Yu, to the ever treacherous Lu Bu. Each war unit will have different type of armor and attack type which will differ from other generals in the game.

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Armor types will consist of Light/Medium/Heavy/Fortified
Attack Types will consist of Normal/Magic/Piercing/Seige

Initially, you will have access to a small group of generals within your faction to start buiding your war units. As you proceed further and earn more gold and peasants, you can research to "discover" more generals. If you picked Shu as your faction, you will discover Shu generals. Wei will discover Wei generals.

In addition, you can research new weapons and armor for your generals to give them higher hitpoints and become stronger. Because it's a MMORPG game, you will get to interact with other players in the game, attack other players with your army and try to become the emperor (attaining 1st place in networth) by the time the round ends. You will have the ability to make your own guilds to fight together for the common good or you can try to make it on your own.

Interested players can find more information about Dynasty Empires here.

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