Bang! Howdy: Strategy Game in a 3D Wild West Setting:

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Bang! Howdy

Bang!Howdy is an online strategy game with a "Wild West" theme. From the makers of Puzzle Pirates comes this multiplayer online tactical strategy game for the PC. Players face off in the steam-powered Wild West, using traditional strategy game mechanics in a variety of gameplay modes like Claim Jumping, Cattle Herding and Steam Mustang Hockey!

Introducing a hybrid between turn-based and realtime strategy gameplay, Bang! Howdy is played in short fast-paced rounds. The players use winnings earned as they play, along with a micro-currency system, to purchase and customize persistent Big Shot units, which influence their play-style and strategies in future games. As the player progresses through five unique Wild West settings, new units, gameplay scenarios, arenas, customizations and game features are introduced.

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Bang! Howdy has little in common with its piratey cousin except Three Ring’s polish, great design, and wonderful quirkiness. Unlike a traditional strategy title, Bang! Howdy is played in 5-20 minute segments. Instead of a trekking through a series of campaigns managing enormous armies with the goal of vanquishing your enemy to reach an ultimate goal, the game is played on a series of unique maps using different game types and a series of… special units.

Units have a set distance they can move during their turn, and a set range at which they can attack. However, for purposes of playing against other players, a real-time element was added: Units can only move every four "ticks", each tick roughly equivalent to five seconds, and all players' units move in tandem. The result is that gameplay moves a lot faster than it would if each player had to wait for the others to decide to move.

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In addition to the set number of base units (varied by map and game mode), players also may bring into play one more powerful "Big Shot" unit with special abilities, as well as cards that can be played at any time to achieve various effects. If a unit is killed, it will respawn at the owning player's base some time later.

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