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Game Title: Bulfleet
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Space
Period: Future
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional premium accounts
Developer: XS Software
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This Review is reproduced form World Online Game, which was written by Jamie Baker.

Bulfleet Review
By Jamie Baker

Bulfleet is a multiplayer online game which gives you the opportunity to develop your own space empire. Players need only Internet browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox to play.experience hundreds of hours interesting gameplay versus thousands of players from all over the world! Develop your home planet, build new structures and research new technologies. Create powerful alliances or lead your ships in great star wars! Conquest the world of Bulfleet and write your own Space Saga!

In Bulfleet you are playing versus thousands of real players from all over the world and not versus computer simulated enemies. This is what makes the game so interesting month after month, you will have to think of better and complexer strategies to win the round. The virtual world of the game is structured in galaxies and solar system, which you will be able to travel with your space ships!

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First Thoughts

The graphics are very eye catching logging in for the first time i really like the look of this game, every things spaced out and i didn't have any problem at all getting around the in game panel. i did attempt to find a manual but didn't manage to find one.

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Navigating around is very simple, you don't even need a manual to work out how to play this game, maybe you could use it for guidelines, how to do little things but the game in itself is great. in the links section they've pretty much covered everything that most games lack, which is making it alot easier to use. starting out i built myself some solar panels, it only took about 2 mins to get going, so obviously this game is for the keen gamer who enjoys sitting down for a few hours and playing space age strategy.

I have to admit the game did get me hooked for a few hours, just building new facilitys to expand my gaming abilities, waiting for resources to continue updating.

There seems to be alot of activity on the game, so you'll probably be making friends in no time, the forum is incredibly active, over 8000 people signed up to discuss the game.

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A Player's Comment: An interesting little game, if a little odd. You have a planet, you build mines on it to gather resources. You research new technologies, you build space ships, you up-grade them. You plant colonies and so on. Its just that there is little or no combat. Fighting seems to be frowned on by the players. I have been attacked once in a month of game play. Which in a way is good, but the game doesn't have a very, well, multi player feel. I would say try it and see what you think, it might amuse you for a few minutes a day for a few weeks.

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