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Battle of the Valley

Battle of the Valley is an online RPG (Role Playing Game) unlike any other on the internet. BotV is for adults only with adult themes. Here you can meet new friends, virtually screw them, then beat the shit out of them and take their money or condoms. You also can protect the weak, or exploit their weaknesses. Spend your money to help your friends, or hoard it and let them fend for themselves. Buy a Gang Bang and become the most respected group of players in BOTV. Declare war on an enemy, or an innocent bystander, the choice is yours. So come on in and interact with over 5000 other players.

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There are 5 types of stats used on BOTV: Thrusting power, excitement, protection, porn star qualifiers, and street smarts.

  • Thrusting power determines how much damage you do in battle,
  • Excitement is used to determine your hit rate in battle,
  • Protection reduces the amount of damage done to you when you are hit,
  • Porn star qualifiers and Street smarts are used to what jobs you are able to do.

The Valley

Who's Fucked Now?
  • Quarantined Ho's: This is where people are placed when they have crabs or herpes. Crabs are curable by using RidCrab; there is no cure for Herpes. Both types of bugs require an hour of quarantine before they go away on their own.
  • Working Ho's: Here you will find a list of any escorts currently being fucked.
  • Health Clinic: This is where you go when you are attacked, or attack someone, and lose, run from a fight, or get fucked up at the Bar. You will have to wait out your time, or use penicillin to get yourself out early.
  • L.A. County Lockup: This is where you go if you fail a crime or get caught up while attacking someone. You need to wait out your time or use a Jail Key for early release.

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Shit Talk
Shit Talk is a 'live' chat box. Type in the box, and socialize with folks in the Valley. No need to refresh the page, the Shit Talk box automatically refreshes every five seconds.

Dirty Talk
  • Starr Radio -BoTV's very own radio station. Tune in and enjoy the music! If you find there is no DJ, check back again at another time.
  • IRC chat & Java Chat -This will take you to the IRC/Java BoTV chat room. There aren't many rules in the chatroom, just no spam, no advertising, and whining is not a good idea.
  • Bulletins -Bulletin messages from players on your Fuck Buddies list.
  • Forums -This is a quick link to the BoTV forums.
  • Battle Valley Polls -From time to time polls will be raised to get members opinions on certain subjects. Use this link to view any active or old Polls.


Attacking will gain you experience when you win. The amount of experience you can gain depends on the Star Level of your enemy, if they are much weaker, you won't get much experience. Attacking is a good way to get experience, and exert your superiority over those weaker than you. In order to attack you need at least 33% stamina and should have a weapon equipped (It's a good idea to have armor equipped too. Make sure that you really want to fight the person; because once you start you can't stop until one of you loses. When you start a fight, you click the button to use whatever weapon you have equipped. You have to equip your weapons and armor before they will be effective while you are fighting. Also, your weapons and armor get damaged over time so you have to get them repaired at the Item Repair page, which you can find The Valley.

Battle of the Valley Screenshot
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Gang Bangs

Gang Bangs are a group of players that band together to work for a common purpose, granted this may be robbing a bank, or taking down the losers in a rival gang bang. Gang Bangs cost $50K to create, and once you buy it, you are the President of your gang bang. Your gang will initially be able to hold 5 members, but will be able to upgrade to more as time goes on. The President will be able to assign a Vice President to the gang bang. Gang bangs are able to do Organized Crimes for money. The President and Vice President can also select to go to war with another gang bang. One should be careful about doing this though, as it may come back to haunt you. Be advised that you must have at least three members in your Gang Bang at all times or it will be in danger of being automatically deleted.

Tips from the Top

Helpful tips straight from some of the top players in the Valley.

  • Save your cash, protect your condoms, train and level.
  • Sell all condoms to get the best housing possible. Keep your level low and stats high. Don’t worry about joining a gang till you're ready to train.
  • Vote everyday for condoms, sell condoms for outrageous prices, and try to make friends with older, richer players who might give you cash and playing tips.
  • Get a condom drawer, upgrade Job as much as possible, and join a gang to get 7 condom Stamina refills.
  • Sell your condoms to get into the better houses, get to level 50 ASAP! The sooner there the sooner you can get the 3% interest from the Valley 3 bank. Hold onto your money, and keep it in the Valley 3 bank.
  • Win friends and influence people; friends in good places are a good thing to have. Keep your level low and your stats high; exceptionally beneficial during gang wars, you’ll earn more reputation! Roll with the punches; game changes happen, sometimes often. Learn to adapt your strategy.
  • Get a bank account and condom drawer ASAP, Vote Vote Vote and Hit the NPC daily, Level - hit players higher than you that you can beat to move up quicker.

As you can see there are many different ways to get to the top. Your strategy is your own to make, and change. How far can you go?

Interested players can find more information about Battle of the Valley here.

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