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RuneScape Game Title: RuneScape
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 3D
Status: Final
Theme: Adventure
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Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
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Developer: Jagex Ltd
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RuneScape introduced Bounty Hunter "Wilderness-only" PvP worlds (or "Bounty Worlds") in the update two weeks ago( RuneScape: Bounty Hunter Wilderness-only PvP). The new worlds are limited to the Wilderness, and use the old "who can attack who" levels. Bounty Worlds are basically a mix of 3 previous PvP games: Bounty Hunter, PvP worlds, and the old Wilderness. In short, Jagex increased the chance to get your opponent's items and we added the thrill of hunting a bounty within the Wilderness while surrounded by hundreds of potential PKers.

Firstly, let's check the guide on the official site. It's the best way to understand Bounty Worlds. However, if you are tired of reading the long introduction, just click next page and watch the video guide there.

Bounty Worlds Guide

(From official site)

Bounty Worlds

Some PvP worlds are controlled by the impressively masculine Mandrith, descendent of the first of the tribes of man, those who in the early days of civilisation were the perpetrators of the very first murder to stain the lands of RuneScape. Now, he stands as warden of the volcano at the centre of the Wilderness, which is a scar left on RuneScape by an enraged deity, incensed by this crime.

To enter a Bounty World, you must be standing in the Wilderness or Edgeville, because the rest of the lands of RuneScape are closed off. Edgeville is a safe area, while the area north of the ditch is a hot zone. These worlds follow most of the same rules as ordinary PvP worlds, with the addition of a bounty system.

Bounty Hunting

After spending half an hour in a dangerous area on a Bounty World (which needn't be done all at once), Mandrith will begin searching for an opponent for you, which may take a few minutes, or may take up to an hour. In the meantime, you can continue doing anything you might consider doing on a PvP world (such as killing other adventurers). When you have been assigned a target, their name will appear in the top-right corner of your game window, and an arrow will direct you towards them. Beware, however, because they will also be hunting you! Your target will always have a Combat level within 5 of your own.

To see how likely you are to receive a target, there's a box in the top-right corner that will slowly turn a darker shade of red as the probability increases.

There are a number of rules you must abide by to appease Mandrith's sense of honour:

  • You must not spend more than ten minutes in safe zones. These are cumulative, so going in and out of safe zones to protect yourself is not desirable. If you do so, you will have your target removed and will have to wait at least half an hour to be assigned a new one.
  • You must not log out or swap worlds for more than ten minutes. Like spending time in a safe zone, you will have ten minutes to return before Mandrith removes your target.
  • If your target does any of these, you will be assigned a new target at the earliest opportunity.
  • The level difference that you can attack other adventurers over is different from ordinary PvP worlds - it is a simple sliding scale that increases the further you go into the Wilderness. You will be able to see the range that you can attack and that can attack you just under the icon indicating whether you are in a safe zone or a hot zone. You can attack your bounty target in any dangerous area, regardless of the level range restrictions that might ordinarily be in place.

If your target is fighting someone else in a single-way combat area, you will be able to interrupt their combat to fight your target, preventing their foe from interfering. Further, if you defeat your enemy but don't do enough damage to count as the "hero" (in the same way that drops are awarded when fighting monsters), they will remain your target. The only way for your target to change is if one of you kills the other, or by leaving the Wilderness for more than ten minutes.

Bounty Drops

If you kill your target, you may receive more drops from their actual inventory than usual, in addition to drops generated as normal in a PvP world. You will also receive a "free" increase to your drop potential as if you had spent an extra hour in a hot zone. Because your potential drop value is increased when you get your drops, Bounty Worlds can be a very lucrative place to fight, as well as providing a greater challenge as you stalk your prey across the Wilderness.



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