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Game Title: Molehill Empire
Genre: Simulation
Graphics: 2D
Status: Final
Theme: Anime
Period: Present Time
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional premium accounts
Developer: upjers GmbH & Co. KG
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There is a good explanation of how to create and save your display garden, which was written by PsychoN from Molepedia. Through this, players will save their dispay garden easily!

Molehill Empire Guide: Display Garden
By PsychoN

You can take a picture of your garden to publish your display garden. It can be rated by other players.

Click on your profile and activate your display garden. Whenever you want to update your display garden use the 'edit' button in your profile. Now, your current display garden is shown. To save a new picture, activate the camera at the bottom on the right and click on 'save'.

All players can activate their own private display garden in their profile.

Your display garden enables you to present your garden to everyone (all around the world wide web and not just limited to MHE-players) via a web link. These now have the opportunity to rate your garden from a scale of 1-10 points. If you manage to win the weekly display-garden-rating, you will receive a small prize ...

Instructions step-by-step:

You can activate your display garden in your Profile.

Molehill Empire Screenshot
Click here for full image

Place a tick in the field next to "edit", then click "edit".

Molehill Empire Screenshot
Click here for full image

In the next window, tick the box next to the camera. then click on "save". Before saving the image, you may also change the colour of the frame that will surround your display garden. Just click on the colour palette and choose whichever colour you like.

Molehill Empire Screenshot
Click here for full image

After saving your choice, return to your Profile and save your settings, then copy your display garden's link and place it in signatures or use it as image-link on blogs or websites.

Molehill Empire Screenshot
Click here for full image

Note! Frequently committed errors: You need to activate your display-garden, so that it's visible to other - so don't forget! Please make sure you use the correct link that's specifically designated for displaying your garden on the web. Don't just copy the link that is displayed while you are editing your garden.

You can read the original version - Molehill Empire Guide or check our Molehill Empire Feature to find more information.

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