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Game Title: Habbo
Genre: Community
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Entertainment
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional premium accounts
Developer: Sulake Corporation Oy
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Habbo Review

Habbo, formerly known as Habbo Hotel is a popular virtual world that emphasizes socializing and making new friends. The game is set in the massive Habbo Hotel building and the areas surrounding it. The dozens of various rooms, cafes, parks, and clubs act as graphic chat rooms where players can chat and walk around. New players are given a small, empty room and can furnish it with either free furniture or items purchased through the catalog.

While you do create a profile you can’t post photographs of yourself or blog like with most social networking sites. The profile revolves around your avatar and their friends, groups and songs. The Habbo Hotel and various rooms act like virtual chat rooms. You can walk into a public room and just talk to whomever is there or if you already have a well established network of friends you can create a private room that allows people by invitation only.

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Character creation in Habbo is extensive for a 2d game. Players can pick from multiple hair and face styles, hats and other head gear, shirts, pants, and shoes. A large color pallet is available for each piece of clothing. After character creation, new players are given a small room in the Hotel which starts empty. Players are given one free piece of furniture every day but anything extra must be purchased with the use of real world currency.

The minimum age to join Habbo is 13. You can set your profile to be visible to everyone or invisible to everyone. We would have liked a few more customized privacy settings. However, since your real photograph and personal information like age, or location aren’t available to other users we still felt secure with our profile open publicly to other Habbo members.

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Habbo is purely a social MMO, there is no combat or leveling up but there are several multi player mini games. These games are playable from any public room in Habbo, just click the joystick icon on the bottom right of the screen. The two free ones are SnowStorm and BattleBall. SnowStorm is a large snow ball fight between two teams. Each player has five snow balls and must knock out other players to score points. If you’re running low on snowballs, you may make new ones though this leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds. When time is up, each player is rewarded experience based on their performance.

BattleBall is again a contest between two teams. All players start on large bouncing balls and must move across the tiled stage. Stepping on a tile will turn it either red or blue, depending on which team you’re on. The goal is to have as many tiles as possible under your team’s control. If you step on a tile controlled by the other team, it will change to your color. Stepping on a tile your team already controls with make it glow brighter, strengthening your team’s hold on it. A the end of the timer, which ever side controls the most tiles is the winner. There are two other games; Lido Diving and Wobble Squabble but these require tickets which must be purchased with cash.

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Besides chatting and collecting furniture, Habbo also has an achievement feature where players are rewarded badges by fulfilling certain requirements. There are many dozen such badges ranging from absurdly easy to acquire (verifying your email address) to very difficult (top 20 ranking player in either of the two free games.) If live chat is too casual and chaotic, Habbo also boasts several forums where players can discuss.


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