Petnebula: Virtual Pet Game Located in Deepspace:

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Petnebula Game Title: Petnebula
Genre: Community
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Pets
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Buy Ingame Advantages
Developer: Petnebula Ltd
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Official Site: Click here

Virtual pet site is located in deepspace. Petnebula is free to join and has many virtual pets to choose from.

Inside Petnebula there are chat areas, user shops, auctions, trades, planets, a battle zone, virtual pets and many other things to be explored. Also if you work hard on your account and virtual pets you are able to earn account upgrades unlocking the ability to have more virtual pets, a hidden shop and many other features around the site totally free.

Petnebula Home
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Choose A Pet

Go to My Stuff and you'll be prompted to create a pet (An Alien) click on the link...and browse through the pets. There are currently 9 available. Click on the one you would like...Name it...and Hey Presto!! have your first get more pets you can either create them or adopt a pet from the Adoption Center. You can have up to 4 pets or 8 pets with a Pro account. Or even for the most active of players that have a PRO account, they can have a total of 10 pets as you can have an extra 2 when you become a Star player.

Adopt a Pet
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Feeding and Playing with your Pets

Use your Star Bucks to buy food, toys etc from the main shops or members shops for your pets, check out the Penny Store on a regular basis for items priced at only 1 Star Buck each. To feed or play with your pet click on the item, you will be asked what you would like to do with the item...then click use item, done!! It's as simple as that.

Star Bucks (Petnebula Currency)

Here's a few ways to get some more SB's (Star Bucks) coming in.... Games are a great way to earn yourself some Star Bucks, you can send your score 5 times on each of the flash games, earning yourself up to 60,000 Star Bucks per day.

Games in Petnebula
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Try doing a Quest every now and then, there are 3 different ones, each one a little harder than the other, earn yourself some star bucks and even items! Why not visit the Space Mage to receive a free item and maybe even Star Bucks....Why not open a shop and sell lots of items. Buy items cheap and sell them at a higher price, that way you always make a profit.

Trades and Auctions

Why not pop down to the Trade Zone, you can get rid of those unwanted items for something you would like instead or get some Star Bucks for them, you might find something there that you haven't seen before and would like to have. Check out the Auctions, you never know what bargains you could get there, and you can sell your unwanted items there too.


Of Course, there are other players on Petnebula. You can talk to them on the Chat Boards or Mail them for more private conversations. Like something? Make a Planet about it, other members who also like the subject can join and talk to each other on their own private message boards. Just want to join in with someone else's Planet? then just browse through all the Planets until you find one you like the sound of and join them.

Player Planets
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Petnebula is a GAME, and as in all games, the idea is to have some fun! It isn't about who has the strongest pet, or the most Star Bucks. It's about enjoying yourself.

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