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Trophy Manager Game Title: Trophy Manager
Genre: Simulation
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Sports
Period: Present Time
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Developer: SENIKOV
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This review is reproduced from the original one written by LordLComet on CasualtyGamer ( Trophy Manager is a free online online football management game where you take charge of your own soccer club.

Browser Based Game: Trophy Manager

By LordLComet

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In Trophy Manager you take total control of your own soccer club. An ever-confident and enthusiastic board has selected you as the manager who's going to make the most of their club's potential. When you start out you have got a squad of 25 eager players, as well as a heap of cash to spend on players and stadium upgrades. You must decide the tactics, find and hire the perfect coaching staff, train your players best as you can and expand the club's infrastructure - All to get as close as you can to promotion, championships and, possibly, the Champions Cup of your region.

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The beginner becomes the manager of whole new team of 25 players. Moreover, the team has at its disposal a small stadium and a small amount of money. The name of the stadium and of the coach can be changed in the settings. The manager has to decide which tactics to use, to find and hire the perfect coach, and to train the players and expand the infrastructure.

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Teams now can invest in the stadium and in improving the youth players and the centers of training. Teams are also able to improve the capacity of the stadium, improve the food and merchandise, services and infrastructure.  There are many customizations that a user can do on his own team, as rename its stadium or change the type of training. But, like in any game management, the user must place his players in the position that they want to play.

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Overall I had a lot of fun with this game. I'm a big soccer fan, so to come across a game as fun and exciting as this was pretty awesome to say the least. The only downside that I found was just like all BBG's, you start to lose interest after a while. Regardless of that, if your a soccer fan your going to definitely want to try this game.

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About Trophy Manager

Trophy Manager is a free online online football management game where you take charge of your own soccer club. The game is now in it’s 12th season and as of August 2008 has over 100,000 teams playing the game from 125 countries alone.

You could find more information in our Trophy Manager feature.

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