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Game Title: Dark Warriors
Genre: RPG
Graphics: Text with graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Points
Fee: Buy ingame advantages
Developer: Online Gaming Network LLC
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This guide is reproduced from Bob's World. This article's author brought some hints to the players who are interested in Dark Warriors. The author said that there are no cheats for this game, sound game advice and strategy will get you further than trying to cheat the game. I agree with the author's viewpoint.

Dark-Warriors Hints
From Bob's World

Dark-Warriors is becoming a fast growing community of lots on online players. It is a text based game of where you are in the realm of Westland. There you will find lots to do to keep you busy and keep your gameplay interesting. The authors of this game are not new to online multi-player gaming and it clearly shows in their latest game: Dark Warriors.

First of all - there are no cheats for this game, sound game advice and strategy will get you further than trying to cheat the game.

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energy is used as turns. You use energy when you travel the forest, work at the lumber mill and also when battling other players. Every hour there is a revive of energy - yes, that means you can log into the game every hours and play some more, if you want to.

The Shops to buy stuff

Weapons, Armor, Shields, Helmets, Rings - each shop you visit has a list of stuff you can sell or buy from. Before you run out to the shops to buy, CHECK the ITEMS MARKET FIRST!! There you will find an assortment of items that other players have listed for sale, usually at a price a little bit lower than what the shops offer the same item for - dont worry about being cheated, the Items market not only shows you the price but also the price of the item if purchased from a shop. Normally you can save about 10% off the regular price - you would be surprised how many players dont use the Items Market to save themselves some gold.

Training Facility

Make use of this place everyday! You get 15 training turns everyday. You can select which area you need or want to build up, or you can spread it around as you like, so choose carefully.


You definately want to join a clan as soon as possible. Most offer free healing and that alone makes it worthwhile. You can ask the clan for loans of gold and platnium. And remember, if you dont think your current clan is not what you expected you can easily quit and join another.

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Lumber Mill

Need gold right away? Use your energy to work at the Lumber Mill. You will be giving up your energy to do so but be well rewarded with gold.

The Mines

You have 60 mine turns every day, not every hour. You do want to mine the mines every day and build up the ore needed. At higher levels (30+) you can trade off your ore for really cool weapons from the Blacksmith. So by mining early in the game and doing so every day, by the time you reach level 30, you will already have the ore needed to make cool weapons.

Fishing Shack

As soon as you can afford it, buy fishing equipment.

1 Strong Fishing Pole
1 Strong Line
1 Large Hook
99 Small Hooks
49 Maggots
49 Bollies
1 Kayak

You can begin fishing once you have the equipment. Save all the fish you catch to purchase the Kayak.
With the Kayak, all fish you catch will be worth ALOT more than from fishing from the dock.


The casino uses gold to wager in either Blackjack or Slot Machine. You can win alot of gold by playing at the casino - but you also can lose! So have some fun and try the casino, if its not to your liking, you dont have to visit the casino.

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You are not requires to as Dark Warriors is a free game - but if you would like to make a donation to the game, if you are able to, by all means do become a subby. You will need to PayPal a few dollars, about $3. to become a subby. Subby's have access to a few extra's such as: Daily Wage (a few extra gold!), Energy Shack (get extra energy), Have your own custom avatar and even a Midi if you like. There are other benifits to being a subby also!!


Dark Warriors is a pvp based game - Player vs Player battle!!! You will have plenty of opportunity to battle against other players and they will battle with you too!

In order to win battles:
- Make sure you train every day at the Training Facility!
- DO NOT level up so darn fast! Spend no less than 3 days on each level, longer per level, the stronger you will be!
- Make sure you have the best weapon, armor, shield, helmet and rings for your level!

You can read the original version - Dark-Warriors Hints or check our Dark-Warriors Feature to find more information.

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