The West Review: Sometimes You Get What You Pay For:

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The West Game Title: The West
Genre: RPG
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Open Beta
Theme: Wild West
Period: Present Time
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Developer: InnoGames GmbH
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This review is reproduced from the original one written by Steve Anderson on DigitalBattle ( Like many browser based games, The West has a slow pace. Some like this since they can do many things such as browse some forums when the game is going. But others think it's unbearable that every action in game costs 20 minutes. So, what's your opinion?

The West Review–Sometimes You Get What You Pay For

By Steve Anderson

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You'll start out in The West much as those who actually went that way in the United States' westward expansion did–by hitting the dusty trail as a dirt-poor laborer. And from there, you'll do odd jobs for cash and take on quests until you build up your resources and reputation. From there, you can do harder jobs, stage gun battles with other players, and do pretty much everything that you could've done in the ACTUAL Old West.

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...(Passed over)

On the up shot - surprisingly, there is an up shot–The West is an incredibly compartmentable game.  One click on a button is sufficient to start the twenty-minute time clock that allows me to pick one round of sugar cane, so in the meantime, I can go play a couple small flash games, browse some forums, read a book, watch most of X-Play or The Chaser's War On Everything, whatever.  And all the while my poor little character is off a-slavin' in the sugar cane field so that later on I can have actual fun on the money he made.

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The game is fair enough, especially for a free game...the graphics aren't terrible, the sound is nonexistent (it's a text-only game) and the mechanics aren't that hard to work with.  The elephant in the room here, meanwhile, is the incredibly slow gameplay. For instance, I read about one fellow who'd had a particularly rough time with the game despite almost ludicrous endurance–he'd been playing for a month, got to level eighteen, and even at that point he was armed with a slingshot, and about the only things he could do involved picking beans and repairing fences. Why? Because the only gun available in the store was a "rusty shotgun" with a price tag of FIVE GRAND. In terms of the game this is several months' wages.  In terms of the REAL west, you could buy a TOWN for five thousand dollars.

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The West tries desperately to be the Wild West, but the most it can manage is the Mild West.

Read the full review here: The West Review–Sometimes You Get What You Pay For

About The West

The West is a browser game based on the wild west. The West obviously allows you to choose your own character, who can be trained and improve skills. Therefore your character has to work. The map is filled with possible jobs and activities. These can be activated through reaching certain goals within the game.

You could find more information in our The West feature.

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