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Game Title: Golemizer
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 2D
Status: Final
Theme: Science Fiction
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Free
Developer: Dave Toulouse
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Golemizer Review

MMORPG fans who don’t like downloading clients may want to sample Golemizer, a free browser-based MMORPG from Dave Toulouse. In Golemizer, you get to be a scientist and create monsters. You can also build your own homes, craft your own items, learn skills, chat with other players and form guilds. Golemizer may look low-key, but offers an astonishing number of options for players.

Account creation is simple, Golemizer doesn’t even require an email address! Appearance customization is limited which is excusable for a 2d browser game. The game controls are easy to learn, left click the move and right click on something to bring up available actions. The only flaw with this is the choppy movement which makes the game feel laggy.

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Golemizer is a simple game to jump into but is deep enough to keep fans coming back. As soon as you start playing, four tutorial NPCs are waiting to guide players through short quests that explain the game’s basics; crafting, combat, badges, and advanced crafting. Though these tutorials are optional, it is highly recommended that you complete them for the gold and prestige rewards. Players can craft golems to fight for them and other objects such as gears or furniture. Crafting requires raw materials such as iron and wood which must be collected. Woods is extracted from trees while various types of metals are mined from rocks located inside special mines. But before any crafting can be done, players must train the appropriate skills from NPC trainers near town. There are dozens of skills and each has a different 'time point' cost. This limits how many skills a player can learn per day.

Golemizer features many crafting and gathering options. When properly trained you can gather resources that are relevant to your style of crafting. When you gather enough resources you can create golems, items, upgrades, and even furniture for your house that can be built in a player city.

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Combat can be a bit tricky in Golemizer since you have to target and then enter a typed command to attack your target. This style can wear thin quickly for many players that crave instant action. Upon questing you can earn badges. These badges are used to measure your prestige in the world of fantasy.


Combat in Golemizer is done through golems that players build. These golems act as pets and must be given orders, for example after targeting a monster or animal, you must type /attack and hit enter in the chat box. To get their golem to follow them, players must type /follow. This text command interface is a bit archaic but luckily players can summon their golem from anywhere at a small time point cost. While hunting, crafting and completing quests, players can collect badges. Badges are achievements, some are simple to accomplish while others are rare. Each player’s badges are displayed in game and on the game forums. As of this writing, Glemizer is still a very new game and the game’s population is tiny. Your enjoyment of the game will depend on your tastes and how involved you get with the player run economy and society.

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Golemizer is also very accessible. The official website offers a bit of introduction for beginners. The forums have a guide section to help get people started, a page explaining golem commands and a golem list. The game works with Firefox 2.0+, Internet Explorer 6.0+ and Safari 3.0+, so everyone who wants to play, can.

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