Evony Noob Guide - Maximum Resource Productivity

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This guide is reproduced from Evony forum . This guide will explains how to get your resource productivity up very high early on.

Noob Guide - Maximum Resource Productivity
By Ringlord

Total resource production rates depend on these factors:

1. Politics rating of your Castellan.
2. Researched technologies.
3. Level of your sawmills, farms, iron mines and quarries.
4. Number of resource fields you have.
5. Number of, and level of, valleys you own.
6. Application of productivity items.
7. Population
8. Number of cities you have.

It is VERY important to get all of these up as much as possible as soon as possible. The end of the 7 days protection is going to come very fast and you want to be in a position to have a decent army and excellent city defenses.


When you first start, it is important to get a Castellan with a high politics rating as soon as possible. The Castellan affects both construction time and resource production.

There are Quests for all of the steps required to obtain a Castellan, so you will come out ahead on resources by using the Quest.

Steps to obtain a Castellan:
First, build an Inn.
Second, build a Feasting Hall.
Upgrade the Inn to level 2.
Upgrade the Feasting Hall to level 2.
Unpack all the chests.
Do the Hero Recruitment Quest, this requires the use of the Hero Hunting item. After you use the Hero Hunting item, look to see what heroes are in your Inn.
Recruit the hero with the highest Politics rating.
Use the item that offers a position to a level 10-level 15 hero.
Go to the Feasting Hall and make the hero with the highest Politics rating the Castellan.

Researched Technologies

You need to research all of the resource gathering technologies and the construction technology. To do this you need an academy. There is a quest to build an academy. Build the academy and then research Agriculture, Lumbering, Masonry, and Mining. This will cost gold, if you run low on gold look through the Quests and do any Quest that pays gold.

The Construction technology is very important as the level of your buildings increases. You need to research this technology as soon as possible. Unfortunately, to research this technology you need:
Level 2 Forge
Level 2 Workshop
Level 5 Lumbering
Level 2 Metal Casting
Level 5 Academy

To help with doing all the research you need to do you should build a second city and a second Academy as soon as possible. There is a quest for building a second city. When you unpacked the chests you obtained an army and workers. If your idle hero has good ratings for the attributes that help with warfare use this hero, if not use the hero hunting item and find a better hero for warfighting.

You will need 250 workers. The chest gave you some number less than 250 workers, 199 if I remember correctly. So, you need to build a barracks and recruit the remaining workers. You also need to recruit at least 20 scouts.

Constructing resource producing buildings and cottages

First thing, go to the Town Hall and set the tax rate to 0. You'll change it later.

When constructing buildings construction time must be minimized. The Speed Up button provides free speed up of construction time for lower levels of most buildings. You want to have as many resource producing buildings as possible up and running and upgraded as high as possible using free speed up before you start having to wait for construction times longer than what is handled by the free speed up.

Go to the resource fields. Start with sawmill. Build a sawmill and upgrade it as many times as you can using the free speed up. This level varies depending on the building type. Next build a quarry. Next build an iron mine. You already have a level 5 farm. Each of these has a Quest, so be sure to collect the reward for the quest.

Now go to the town hall and change production to 100 on all resource types.

Now you need to build enough cottages to supply enough workers. You can build a cottage and upgrade it to level 3 using the free speed up for each upgrade, beyond level 3 the upgrade will take more than 5 minutes. Build enough cottages so that you have a population limit at least twice as large as the number of workers required to run all of your resource buildings.



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