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Robo Rescue Game Title: Robo Rescue
Genre: Casual
Graphics: 3D
Status: Open Beta
Theme: Funny
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Buy Ingame Advantages
Developer: Eximion Game Studio

Official Site: Click here

This guide is from the Kalydo board in our forum and it was written by ChrisKalydo. As released for months, Robo Rescue is now one of the most popular games on the game portal Kalydo. In Robo Rescue you customize your male or female Robo character and rescue the kidnapped Robo citizens. It features tons of levels, action packed gameplay, puzzle solving. Now let's take a closer look at it.

Robo Rescue - Game Guide

By Chris van der Linden @ Kalydo


Evil Robo is at it again! He has started to kidnap Robo citizens with his big UFO. Robo Central is in shock. Now it is up to you to rescue to kidnapped Robo people. Together with Robo Prof, who helps you with his inventions you must go on an electrifying action adventure!

Goal of the game

In Robo Rescue you go and help Robo Prof to rescue all the kidnapped Robo citizens. Evil Robo has put them into electro cages which you must open by finding the hidden button. But that's not all! Robo world is a place full of dazzling locations you must overcome. Perform mindboggling stunts to finish the levels.

Your ultimate goal is to find Evil Robo and defeat him to stop his evil plans for ever!!


In the levels there are green flags which are checkpoints. You must visit all checkpoints to open up the level finish. If you loose a life you start at your last visited checkpoint.

Bricks, Stars
In Robo World there are Brickx and Stars you can collect for points. Get all the stars in a level to get the extra Star Collector bonus.

Normal Brick = Contains starts for points
Metal Brick = Unbreakable unless your big
Exploding Brick = Touch these to let them explode.

Trickhoops are a series of hoops you can move through to score points. If you move through them all in one go you get a score bonus! Have you moved through all Trickhoops in a level you get the extra Hoopaholic bonus!

Perfect Runs
When you finish a level whithout losing a life you get a Perfect Run bonus. Try to collect all bonusses available for a monster highscore!


Robo Rescue is played with the keyboard keys. Use the arrow keys to roll around the levels.

UP ARROW = Forward
DOWN ARROW = Break, backward
LEFT ARROW = Turn left
RIGHT ARROW = Turn right

SPACE = Jump, Use Item (if you have picked one up)

Rolling around can be a little bit difficult at first. The trick is to not go too fast at first until you have a good control over your Robo character. Let go of the Up Arrow sometimes to avoid going super fast all the time.

Choose Your Character

When you start the game you can choose to play with a Boy or Girl Robo. The further you progress in the game and rescue other Robo characters you get to play with them. Go to the Customizer machine to choose your Character to play with.

Have you rescued and unlocked all the Robo characters out there?

Choose Your Character
Click here for full image

Rescue the kidnapped Robo characters

To score extra points and unlock new characters to play with you must Rescue the kidnapped Robo characters. They are held in electro cages by Evil Robo. But finding the cages is only on step! To open the cages you must find and press the button hidden somewhere in the level. Evil Robo will do anything to make your life hard!

Unlock all the characters in Robo Rescue and play with them all.

Kidnapped Robo citizen
Click here for full image

Robo Prof is there to help you

The Robo Prof is there to help you with advise and his crazy inventions. Look for his Holograms to meet up with him. In his workshop Robo Prof works on his inventions and whenever he has a new one ready he will let you try it out! :D

The Robo Prof
Click here for full image

Travel through Robo world

In Robo Rescue you will travel to the most fantastic locations! At one moment you will be racing around on acceleration pads, the other you will be flying through the air with the Robo Copter. Robo Rescue will call for all your skill to finish the action packed levels and defeat Evil Robo!!!

Travel through Robo world
Click here for full image

You could find the trailer and more screenshots in our former article: Robo Rescue: The Latest Game From Kalydo

Or start to play Robo Rescue:

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