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zOMG! Game Title: zOMG!
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 2D
Status: Open Beta
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Account
Developer: Gaia Online
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zOMG! has been released for a long time and got a great success. Below is a review on IGN (http://www.ign.com) from a player, the-fider3, who had gone with zOMG! since its closed beta. Do you agree his opinion?

zOMG! long awaitied, was it worth it?

By the-fider3 @ IGN

...(Passed over)

Over a period of about 3 years,the game is finally here in Open Beta.

Was it worth the wait?

Onto the fighting system, the important part of the game! I have played various RPG's and it's pretty interesting and different system. There is a lot of strategy involved and I am enjoying how the system works. Like many MMO's, players can form crews and swarm in around enemies. The system of attacks, healing, and powerup moves are all based around a "rings system". You can equip and use up to 8 rings at a time which you choose and collect from the many available attack/healing/support rings.

I need to talk about WHY they went with a system like this, an how it function following form, and a creative way to deal with it. Since the big part of Gaia is gaining various items to outfit your avatar (to make it look like what you want physically), the way in which they made these attacks happen was limited and could not involve animating the avatar too specifically. Nor could these weapons change the normal physical look of the avatar, and neither could certain clothes or items change your stats. So they devised powered up 'rings' (which being so small you would not see them on the avatar anyway, so imagine they are there XD ). So therefore when you attack with a Mantis Ring, for example, a sword appears out of nowhere, your avatar twisting around with some deforming animation, and it disappears after the attack is done. A Healing ring makes special effects appear, etc....

Otami Ruins Tree
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...(Passed over)

The environments are quite lovely, and for those who follow the world of Gaia and it's original characters it's a big treat to walk around Barton town and talk to the characters like it's a living breathing world.

A big part of what makes the game fun is interacting with OTHER humans. (I would hope in an MMO this is a big part of the game)... The game encourages interaction and for you to form crews by making bosses too hard for one person to defeat by themselves if they are around the expected level for that zone. Many support rings only work on OTHER PLAYERS, and some affect you as well as people around you. You gain temporary minor stat boosts by chatting with others and being in a crew through "G'di" power (which goes up as you do those things). Being a loner and killing stuff all by yourself and not talking to anyone or helping them with support rings? This 'G'di" power drains out, so you lose those helpful lil stat boots. Go back to some people and it replenishes. You CAN play alone but that's really missing the POINT of the game, you'll completely forget all about your "G'di" boosts cause if you naturally talk with others and are helpful or form a crew the way the game intends, they are up all of the time anyway.

zOMG! Screenshots 5
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...(Passed over)

I have not even touched on the quests, map, kinds of rings, and extensive loot/item forging systems either, so you can see there is a lot to this little FREE online flash MMO.

Although, I CAN say if you are not interested in the humor of Gaia or it's community, this game will not be enjoyable to you. It is not aimed at LITTLE kids, just so you know though, I'd say the age demographic is for at least 13 and up, with older gamers getting the most strategy enjoyment out of the game and the younger set liking the community aspect and hack 'n' slashing stuff.

Some will be lured to play the game and get INTO the Gaia's storyline world, and others will not be interested and therefore not be interested in this game. Basically you just gotta try it. And there is a lot here to see.

Read the original and full review on IGN: zOMG! long awaitied, was it worth it?

About zOMG!

zOMG! is a free-to-play browser-based online massively multiplayer game powered by Gaia Online that offers a unique blend of gaming, social interaction, and entertainment. With everything from quests and mini-games to customizable profiles and chat, zOMG! is an open environment for players to play games, meet friends, and explore.

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