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Game Title: Bitefight
Genre: RPG
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Horror
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Points
Fee: Buy ingame advantages
Developer: Gameforge Productions GmbH
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This Tutorial is reproduced from BiteFight Official Forum, which was written by dime.

Bitefight - Tutorial for Clans
Post by dime

How to create a Clan?

There is a button called Clan in the menu on the left side. If you go there you have to options given that you are not in a Clan yet. The first option will be found clan the second option is search clan. Go to found clan and fill in the fields Enter Clan tag: Clan-Clan tag (2..8 chars) and Enter Clan: Clan-Name (2..35 chars).

For a Gameoperator clan I would fill in GO as clan tag and Gameoperators as the clan name.

Once you filled in your clan's tag and name, press found. Now after a bit of waiting you have a new message in your inbox similiar to this one:

Your clan has successfully been created! When you now press on Clan in the menu you will have several options that will be explained later. First you probably want to spend 3 gold and upgrade the clan castle to Level 1 so that others can join your clan.

How to join a Clan?

First of all you can only join a clan with a master of your race. So if the founder is a vampire the clan only allows vampires to join and vice versa and the Clan must have open member slots.

The procedure of joining a clan is similar to the one of founding a clan. You should however know the name or the tag of the clan before you attempt to apply to one. Go to the Clan menu and press search clans, now either search for the Clan Name or the Clan Tag. Once you found the Clan in the list the search gave you, click on it. You will be directed to the Clan's ingame Description. Next to the Clan logo you will find a link called apply to a clan. In order to join the clan you need to apply first, so press the link and write a nice application that you submit by pressing send.

Now you need to wait until your application is accepted by the Clan's Master or one of the Admins. Once that happens you receive a message like this one:

Description of the Ingame Clan System

There are the following options in the Clan menu:

add description allows you to create your Clan page that others can see in the game. There you can invite them to join, inform them about your wars, your befriended Clans and whatever you want the players to know about your Clan.

edit clan symbol allows you to change the background colour of your Clan symbol.

set homepage allows you to set a link to an external homepage, e.g. a board of your Clan.

change clan tag allows you to put a different tag for your clan, however you have to wait 14 days until you can change it again once you changed the clan name or tag.

rename clan allows you to change the name of the clan, you have to wait 14 days, too if you just changed either the tag or the name.

Send a message to your clan allows you to send a message to specified members of your Clan.

Click here for full image

handel members allows you to assign Clan ranks to the members and to create new ranks with certain rights. Changing the rank is pretty simple, just use the drop down menu behind the member and press save. If you want to make him the master of the clan which is the founder rank, you need to press Elevate to master twice. If you want to kick a member just press twice on kick.

Read messages: Clan members can read messages posted in the internal clan page.
Write messages: Clan members can make new internal messages for the clan page.
Read Clan Messages: Clan members are automatically selected when using Send a message to your clan
Add members: Clan members can accept applications and allow new members to join.
Delete message: Clan members can delete the messages posted on the internal clan page.
Send a message to your clan: Clan members can send circular (mass) messages to certain clan members.
Spend gold: Clan members can upgrade the Clan Castle.

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Costs for Levels of the Clan Castle

Level - Member - Cost
1 - 3 - 3
2 - 6 - 296
3 - 9 - 4.130
4 - 12 - 26.796
5 - 15 - 114.283
6 - 18 - 375.818
7 - 21 - 1.018.158
8 - 24 - 2.425.286
9 - 27 - 5.215.001
10 - 30 - 10.343.751
11 - 33 - 19.218.989
12 - 36 - 33.834.222
13 - 39 - 56.925.897
14 - 42 - 92.153.181
15 - 45 - 144.301.645
16 - 48 - 219.511.858
17 - 51 - 325.533.800
18 - 54 - 472.008.025

You can read the original Tutorial on Bitefight Official Site - Bitefight - Tutorial for Clans or check our Bitefight feature to find more information.

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