Sokator442: The Greatest Football League in the Universe:

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Sokator442 Game Title: Sokator442
Genre: Simulation
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Open Beta
Theme: Sports
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Points
Fee: Buy Ingame Advantages
Developer: Galleon Holdings PLC
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Sokator 442
is a fun online browser game where players assume the role of a manager, taking control of a team of players and trying to get them to the top of the leagues.

There are 7 continents in the Sokator world and each continent has a different environment from swamps to snowy mountains. From each of these continents a different species of player has evolved, but they are all available to be used by you to make an international footballing force to be reckoned with.

You need to manage your team, manage your spacebucks and all within your Action Points allowance.

Make sure that your team have the support of a good range of equipment to aid them when playing in environments to which they are not accustomed

You can buy players, equip them with special equipment to help when they are playing on terrain which they are not used to, and even sell them on the Player Transfer Market.

You start off in the 5 a-side leagues where you can play both Home game and Away games, and this is where you begin to earn your Space Bucks.

With the space bucks you have earned from the attendance figures of the games you can then buy more equipment or players to strengthen your team.

You also have the opportunity to 'Bling' up your manager avatar to make it the envy of the sokator world.

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