Faery tale online: Born in This High-fantasy World:

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Game Title: Faery tale online
Genre: RPG
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Open Beta
Theme: Mythos
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Free
Developer: Flysoft
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Faery tale online is a totally free, Fantasy Persistent Browser-Based Role-Playing Game. This means that if you can read this post you already have the system requirements to play the game. The game world is manipulated using a point-and-click interface for all actions, and uses text for descriptions for all game objects and characters. Faery Tale Online is based in a high-fantasy world. Players are born into families, villages are built, dungeons are delved, wars are waged, and new lands are constantly discovered and tamed. In Faery Tale Online you don't just play a game, you live in a story of your own creation.

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Of all the cool features of Faery Tale Online, the family system tops the list. Two players of the opposite sex in the game world can try to create a baby (don't worry, there's nothing graphic here). If successful, the female player will become pregnant, and eventually deliver a baby. The mother will then assign the newborn a birth name, and a player who has created an account will be placed in the shoes (or booties) of the new child. Upon being born and during the first few weeks (real world), new players will have limited abilities: they will not be able to initiate combat, speak correctly, gather resources, or create/join work projects. It is really up to the other players (hopefully the parents) to help out the little ones for a while.

Faery tale online Screenshot
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Faery Tale Online is one part fantasy world simulator, and another part role-playing game. Players can do just about anything he or she can imagine, within the scope of the game, and it is just about as open-ended as any game in existence. A player can gather wood from a forest or ore from a mine and then use the resources to build houses, furniture, weapons, armor, and much more. Monsters and other creatures inhabit the world, which means that players can hunt them or defend their families and villages on their own.

Faery Tale Online depends heavily on players' actions and their ability to imagine and role-play. For instance, a player could use their talents at building furniture and make money as a carpenter. A player can slay the neighboring dragon, and because of his newfound respect, become the local mayor. If a player doesn't like living with a large community, he can strike out on his own in the wilderness as an explorer or ranger, discovering caves and ruins and unearthing the treasures they hold. The list goes on and on, and there is truly something for everybody in Faery Tale Online.

You can find more information about faery tale online here.

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