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Sherwood Dungeon Game Title: Sherwood Dungeon
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 3D
Status: Final
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Developer: MaidMarian
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Below are some hints and strategies for winning battles for new players of Sherwood Dungeon, which were first posted by TrueBlade on After reading this article, you will understand that you can't win the combats in Sherwood by just clicking the key.

Advice to New Players

By TrueBlade

...But the best way to win battles with other players is to use the tricks of the game to your own advantage!!! By tricks I mean using the way the game itself is set up, (no outside codes)

One of my favorite tricks is the blocking trick.
if you block successfully 3 times in a row, your next clean shot will do double or triple damage to your opponent. this is especially effective when you are beginning to lose a fight. Block 1,2,3 hit, block 1,2,3 hit, and so on until you destroy your opponent. Also, most newbies will think they have beaten you so they will be more aggressive and block less, leaving themselves open for the final shot.

Also there is a trick to casting your talisman that most newbies won't know.
Your greatest danger in a fight is when you cast your talisman because you leave yourself open for counter attack. So more experienced players develop ways of guarding they're exposed arm as quickly as possible. My way of guarding myself is to hold ctr-shift while I hit tab which makes my hand not go up at all or very slightly, thus more protected against a stab. Experienced players will exploit your unguarded cast to great advantage. Sometimes fights are won or lost in that way.

One final note to new players, in this fighting game patience is a requirement to winning. All newbies must learn this. Wait for the opening don't try to force your way in that is the surest path to defeat. Don't just hammer away at your opponent, that will just leave you open to counter-attacks. I cant stress this enough Keep Practicing!!! Blocking often and striking only when you have an open shot will give you the best chance to win!!! DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!


Timing is a critical element in Sherwood Dungeon. All newbies get frustrated early in their playing experience because winning against seasoned players is so hard. Keep in mind that veteran players have honed their skills and developed a sense of timing, by this I mean the precise time to attack and or block. One of the most realistic features of the game is that a player can not block continually for long periods of time. The shield in their hand will move up and down as the player presses ctr-shift, making opportunities for the more experienced player to score a hit while the other is blocking. By watching the movement of the shield or arm, a good player will throw shots that will go around the defense and score hits.

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