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Game Title: Lords of evil
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: 2D
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional premium accounts
Developer: Ray Flame Entertainment Inc.
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This Guide was quoted from LOE Official Forum. It offers the new players lots of good advice relative to the gaming experience of a top player named flamezarc. That helps a lot and you can implement as much of it as you can.

Top Player in LOE without Paying by flamezarc
by flamezarc

No one started to be good in everything and nothing is impossible if you have the efforts to do it. I've been through hardships attacking and getting attacked which is part of the game. Sometimes receive hate mails, war declaration mails, threaten mails and such. What makes you think me still writing this if I've already fallen? Well, it wasn't easy to climb up this high. I learn through mistakes and significantly gain experiences.

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For starters, whether you are paying gems or not, do not focus on upgrading buildings as gems are not everything. These only increase your credits so people could easily notice you and make you out as a farm. Upgrade resources building to a substantial level. Then build up barrack and produce army as soon as possible. Tier 2 or Magog/Marksman/Orc Chieftain would be great for a starter follows by some transportation corps. Start scouting your neighbors and attack them, rob their resources. Aim for Cave Troll/Horse Carriage/Polycephaly as soon as possible as these units are faster, cheaper and can carry more resources for you. Continue doing so as in attacking other players for experience and the best point is never give up if your armies are wiped. Learn from mistakes. Nothing is impossible if you have the efforts to do it.

What are most important to your army are battle skills! Attack skills are the most important skills as it adds 5% damage to overall damage to your enemy's troops. Secondly would be healing skill to increase your max hp and lastly the defense skill. Max this godly skills until a level where it requires gems. Do not focus on other useless skills. Scouting would also serve as the best skills. The higher the level, the better as in you can scout someone else and see everything from the report but someone else who has a lower level of scouting might have problems scouting you as the scout units might get killed, lack of information and such. Besides that, leadership skill is also an important skill which determines how many action you can perform per level. Upgrade these all skills to max whenever possible.

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Next, the best unit in the game is the Tier 4, also known as Horned Demon/Crusader/Ogre Mage. The fastest, strongest in-game unit that is easy to get. Getting them first in the early game is not impossible if you upgrade the required skills and follows the steps mentioned before or later. Forget about Tier 5 and Tier 6 units as it is proved to be very useless by all means. Next units that you will need are Goblin Merchants. They are slow, but they can help you recycle resources despite a battle made from you or others. Stealing ruins from battles created by others greatly benefits your income.

All players can have up to 3 cities excluding your main. Upgrade your lord’s palace and produce a pioneer convoy then have them build your city near your main or far away from your main if you want that city as your hideout. Cities are the most important when you have promising income of resources daily. Use them to produce only units you need like the Tier 4 not a place where you produce more resources so you can send them to your main. By doing this, it reduce the burden of your main castle in producing your units. Now you can produce more units in the allocated time. So why wait 1 hour for a unit each instead you can have 4 units in an hour?

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To avoid people from robbing your resources you farmed or produced, upgrade your secret storehouse to at least level 7 or 8. This amazing building greatly protects all 3 kinds of your resources from getting robbed and proves to be useful when someone scout you as he/she can't get anything from attacking you.

It is not hard to protect yourself from unfair attacks, just simply transport your resources or dispatch away all your army away to your city together with your resources before the attacks impact. By doing this could save all your hard saving resources and army you produced. Recall them back later on. Else you can spend it on upgrading buildings, skills and produce units by using all of your resources. Never ever build any defenses…they are as good as food for ruins and are actually not good at all but waste of time. Do remember to always send your army out and attack any week or inactive player and calculate for the time till you return in order to save your fleet from getting killed.

With high 3 war skills, Tier 4 units and good scouting level, you're more than ready to face anyone regardless he's a gem player. For robbing, you will need Cave Troll/Horse Carriage/Polycephaly but escort them with some Tier 4 units just in case. If you think you are strong enough, don't ever show off! There's always someone who is stronger and can easily crush you. Just stay low and friendly. Well friendly as in be nice towards each other, not boot lick so you don't get attacked.

For the rest of the mystery, good luck trying it out for yourself. It wouldn't be fun otherwise if someone tells you about everything.

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