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Kadokado is a mini game platform. Enjoy more than 60 exclusive games all developed by Motion-Twin. You can play and obtain Kado points to win Amazon Gift Cards!

On Kadokado, winning gifts is easy: play a game, accumulate Kado points and then go to the Gift section to order your Gift Card.

Each day you have 4 free Green Gems Image. Green Gems cannot be accumulated.

The rule is simple: One Gem = One game token.

If you'd like to play more than 4 times per day, you can obtain Orange Gems Image in the Play More section. Orange Gems can be accumulated.

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Kado points

When you play a game, there is a score we challenge you to beat (a contract). If you accomplish this contract, you win Kado points Image, which can be exchanged for real gifts in the Gift cards section and for new games available in the Kado-gifts section.


To increase its score a clan must attack Image other clans.

To attack another clan, go to its Home Page, click on the "Attack this clan" button and choose a Game to attack with.

Try to play your game the best you can!

Your score will become "the attack". Your enemy will be obliged to get a better score than yours in order to defend Image itself sucessfully from your attack. This would mean that your attack will be aborted.

If after 12 hours your score has not been beaten, then your clan wins up to 10 points! At the same time your opponent will lose the same amount of points.

Always attack clans which have a score similar to yours in order to get the maximum number of points as possible each time you are successful.

It is important to know that your clan cannot attack and defend at the same time. You will have to make a choice!

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In order to progress in the ranking of the clans, you must succeed in winning attacks Image and defenses Image.

Your current attacks are indicated in the Status tab of your clan.The defenses and attacks you must beat are also indicated in this tab.

Remember that if there is an attack in progress, you can't defend Image. You must organize the members of your clan for the management of all the attacks and defenses.

For more information, please find it here.

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