eRepublik Guide: A Noobs Guide to Living:

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Game Title: eRepublik
Genre: Simulation
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Business
Period: Present Time
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Buy ingame advantages
Developer: ERPK Web
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This Review was quoted from Official Site. It shows some basic guide to the players who are interested in eRepublik.

I just felt like making a guide for you guys and I hope it is helpful. ----
There have been some complaints because most of you haven't witnessed or experienced 'daily wellness loss' due to the fact of your 'current wellness'. Food has a different bounus depending on your current wellness. Read the Following: Wellness According to Admins. Read it carefully and try to understand it. Generally speak my article is true, but do to tweaked formulas of food bonus that take into account your current wellness it will seems like it's not. So most of you less experienced players, ironically, will have a hard time warping you brain around this. Good luck!

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Prologue: The Straight-Talk on Wellness

You lose one wellness point everyday of you eLife, Period. We call it your 'daily wellness loss'. It doesn't matter if you have food or not, you will lose it. All that food does is offset the loss of wellness. I know that there are meals on wheels and similar programs around but this guide is meant to help you become self-reliant; when it comes to your wellness.

Section 1: The Basics

We'll start off with some abbreviations. RL means real life, ER means eRepublik, W means wellness, F means food, C means company and Q means quality (those greens stars on products and companies). There are 5 different types of Q the higher the level the better the bonuses. For Example, Q1 Food gives you 1 wellness point when consumed. When is Food consumed you ask? 12pm. It is also the same time your hit with the daily wellness loss. A day with out food would look like this; you start you day at 50 wellness once 12am hits BANG your down to 49 wellness. If they days keeps going like this you'll be down to 48 then 47, and 46, 45, 44, 43, get the picture. That's why you get those alerts to buy food when you don't have any.

Section 2: The Low Down on Food

Each level of food quality, or 'Q' for short, have a different amount of wellness benefit. Q1 is +1 Wellness, Q2 is +2 W, Q3 +3 W, and so on. But with daily wellness loss it looks more like this: Q1 Food is 0 Wellness, Q2 F is +1 W, Q3 is +2, and so forth. Most people probably won't tell you that or just don't know themselves (it's not that hard to figure out). The actual bonus of all food looks like this:

Q1 F = 0 W; Q2 F = 1 W; Q3 F = 2 W; Q4 F = 3 W; Q5 F = 4W

This is of course is if all you do is live.

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Section 3: Company Work

Working is the most important thing you can do as a noob. As a noob you should find a Q1 company (that's right companies have Q's as well) to work for. Companies are like this: Q1 company create Q1 products, Q2 companies create Q2 products, and so on. Why do I suggest you work for a Q1 company two reasons; you will have higher productivity in Q1 companies than you would in higher Q ones (especially with your low skill levels) and it's the gives the least wellness loss from all companies Q's.

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