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Game Title: Galava
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Open Beta
Theme: Warfare
Period: Medieval
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Buy Ingame Advantages
Developer: Cubic Creations
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Galava is a Browser Based Game of Medieval Conflict. Start a small empire, and grow it across multiple provinces. Train a customizable military, and go to war against thousands of other players.In Galava, you will build an empire of your choosing, detailing the identity of your peoples, the descriptions of your major metropolitan areas and handle the daily bureaucracy of your selected government. In short, a nation sim set in the rustic Dark Age days of a distant past.

Of course, this is Galava, a separate world, a fantasy world, inhabited by a myriad cast of creatures and demigods, and rife with magical motes and artifacts. Through this article, you will learn to take hold of your empire and your people, and direct them better into whatever future you choose for them. But be aware, just as you are searching for greater power, so are other players, and they can be either friend or foe.

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Empire Basics

The purpose of this simulation is to build expansive provinces, explore vast tracts of land and acquire powerful resources. To do this, you must learn to manage your finances, build farms and homes, and finally, craft an impressive war machine to bring others under your will. Whether you sink or swim relies on your decisions, and this guide will help you make the best of your options.

Creating a province is the first step towards a powerful empire. Inside the first chapter you will uncover all the nuances of this process and how to maintain them. A province is like a city for your people, and all the choices you make for it shapes the outcome of its growth.

Developing land is part of the provincial equation, but is arguably more important. This can not be changed later, so it is best advised to research this guide for the specific land type you desire. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but none is perfect.

Bundled with land is a special resource which can be traded later for other types. This modifies your empire to a degree and adds much needed bonuses to your finances.

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Provinces in Galava

Prior to this point, your empire has looked largely like a barren, wild landscape, devoid of life. You even lack basic land, and this can't stand for a would-be ruler. You need to get moving, as your enemies are at work as well. So, where do you begin?

Provinces are your basic Empire unit. Galava allows the beginning player to combine two different land types, with different drawbacks and bonuses, to create a tailored Empire to nearly any style of playing. A player can explore land to make room for structures to up production or commerce, as well as use special materials to trade between players. They can, perhaps, give you that upper-edge in any sort of competition.


The cosmology of Galava is like a much condensed version of Earth, with a bevy of land types meticulously selected to allow an engaging player to detail and perfect his Empire as he sees fit.


Once you have explored some land, you will be able to fill it up with houses, farms, mills, mines, roads and walls. Each type of structure benefits your empire in different ways. Note: Do not confuse these with buildings.

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The castle system is the primary way to specialize your empire. Each province in your empire begins with a simple town square, which after a series of upgrades can be made into a powerful structure which provides unique bonuses. There are over a dozen possible castles to build, and over 50 add-ons to further specialize them.

Special resources

Special resources are a great boost to any empire. Each province has two land types, and each land type provides one resources; thus, each province provides two different resources. Additionally, for each province you have, a trade slot is opened so you can exchange a resource with another player, increasing the total possible resources per province to three. As you collect more resources and establish more trade routes, you may eventually gain multiple sources of the same resource. You are allowed to stack a resource up to three times to triple its original benefit.

Consists of the Market, Trading Post, University, Arcanus, and Sanctum.

This will encompass Units, Armory, Workshop, etc.

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