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Nodiatis Game Title: Nodiatis
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 2D
Status: Final
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Developer: Glitchless LLC
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This guide was reproduced from the original one by PhatLewt on ( The author introduced one optional way for non-subscribers to level up.

Nodiatis is a classical style RPG in an MMO setting, it has an awesomely deep character customization system that combines skill based, level based, and passive advancement into one system. Nodiatis promises a world of unparalleled adventure and excitement for those who enjoy complex and strategic character development as well as the thrill of actually being able to test your character's power relative to the thousands of others who play alongside you.

PhatLewt's Beginner's Guide to Leveling

By PhatLewt @

Okay first of all, this guide isn't for everyone.  This guide isn't necessarily the best or the fastest way to get through the game.  This guide is meant for Non-subscribers.

The purpose for this guide is to give new players an **Optional** way to equip themselves and level up without dying or going broke.

This build does not use a bow.  I know people like archery, but going that route is more difficult if you are a non-subscriber. 

Phase I

  • Open up 3 tabs of nodiatis.
  • Create 3 new characters with any name, avy, or text of your choice.
  • *For the purpose of this guide we will use Player1, Player2, and Player3.
  • For the class, choose Adventurer for all 3 as it is the most balanced.
  • Enter the game.
  • Immediately do the tutorial.

Phase II

During your fighting and adventuring your need to be constantly and strategically adjusting which skills you want set to passive. 

Now these can be done in any order with the exception of the one with the *, which needs to be done first.

  • *Go into Learning and set Passive Advancement to passive.
  • Once this skill hits lvl1 set Slashing to passive.
  • Once Slashing has hit lvl 1 set Suiting to passive.
  • Once Suiting hits lvl 3 set Blocking to passive.
  • Once Blocking has hit lvl 3 set Sorcery in Life Magic to passive.***
  • Once Sorcery hits lvl 5 set white magic to passive.***

This should be achieved by lvl 4. 

    As your main stats level up you want to do the following:
  • Increase max hp
  • Increase the likelyhood of doing max damage
  • Increase max mana
  • Increase the rate of which hp and mana regenerate. Why? Those are going to have higher max hp and mana then energy and you want those to regenerate after battle quickly.

Phase III

Go to the Church and speak with the Seer.  Request all the quests.  Complete all the ones that take place at the docks.  Do this with all three characters while fighting in the same square. 

When you get the quests for Traveler's Way, put them on hold for now.  Find the Drunken Fisherman and pwn that *****.  Hopefully you got at least one rat, if not, keep any pieces of armor that says "suiting 3" and keep shields that say "blocking 3".  Sell arrows, quivers, bows, staves, whips, to the vender. 

While in town, go to the church and put both Spirit and Combat trophies towards Petmanship.  Why?  Because it uncomplicates things, and since you can raise your skills passively, you really don't need an uberleet trophy strategy.  Just put in towards Petmanship.  Go ahead, do it.

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