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Game Title: AdventureQuest Worlds
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 2D
Status: Final
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional premium accounts
Developer: Artix Entertainment, LLC
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This guide tells players more about how to train in each level. From the guide, you may know what you can do at some levels, like Level 2-5.


Level your class on low level monsters
Class points don't scale up much with monster level. A monster that takes 3 times as long to kill might only have 190 class points as opposed to a level 1 monster with 100 class points. In the same amount of time you could kill 3x 100 = 300 class points. Why waste time?

Easy Ranking
There are two easy ways to gain class points; grinding against Orc Noob, or questing at your specific trainer. The third quest at your trainer is the best for questing, as you should only have to kill one boss for the quest. Unless, that is, you are a Healer,Mage, or Ninja. Healers have to kill six snails, while Mages have to kill Big Jack Sprat and two other skeletons. Ninja must kill Thrax Ironhide and Wisteria. These three classes are better off grinding.

Level your character via quests and high level monsters
Low level monsters are worthless for XP but it can be worth it to farm them out for quests if you can kill them quickly. Look for quests that either have a low number of kills or a high payoff. Excellent examples include Artix's Defend the Bridge quest (only 1 kill of a level 2 monster for 100 xp and gp) and Galnoth's short quest (3 of an item nets you 200 xp and 100 gp; drop odds are about 75% so you should only need 4 kills. Very often 3 kills will do it - and the monster that drops it is right there in the room.)

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Easy Money

An easy way to make money is to go to the crash site and do the three quests: Quadrolithium, Dam Balloons and Bumper Bolts. All you have to do is kill 8 Dwakels, I suggest the Dwakel Blaster as this is quicker to kill than the Dwakel Warrior, and has a chance of dropping the Bubble Helm, worth an extra 1250 gold in your pocket.. When you kill 8 you will have the items to complete all 3 quests. For every quest you complete you get an item; namely the Occulation Helm, Battery Pack and Spybot Pet, each retailing for 2000-2500 gold. To quickly sell the items and net at least 13500 gold (including dropped-loot sells) for your ever growing purse, click on the options tab along the bottom right of the screen, select news from the option list and find the item that is to do with that months pet, this particular article let's you open the pet shop where you can sell the items, without the hassle of travelling to Battleon etc.

If you are trying to maximize money per 8 kill sequence, then complete dam balloons after your first 4 kills, sell the item, and and get the next 4 kills to finish the 3 quests over again.

Another easy way to gain money is to do /join Portalundead. There should be a cleric standing in a portal. accept the quest from her. the quest it self doesnt give you much money, but the staff you get sells for 12.5k Gold. you have to grind the fire mages near her. easy kills, but the Fire Gem's drop rate is about 3%. worth it though. you can keep repeating this quest until you have 2 mil gold. at 1 mil gold the monsters will stop dropping gold, and at 2 mil the items will stop selling for gold.(The 200k was dropped to 12.5k and the drop rate was increased to about 3%) or go to boxes and kill grizzle spit for his sword which is worth 7500 gold. This final one if only available now. So quickly do it! Do the easter egg hunt and if your a member do the pet quest. The answers are :

If you sell your useless junk that you have you proboly get about 1-2500 gold each.But if u sell rare drops like dragon wings or pet designs maybe even the red or fire gem u proboly get over 100k in no time.

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