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The Legacy of Holy Castle Game Title: The Legacy of Holy Castle
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Medieval
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Developer: Ray Flame Enterainment
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This guide was reproduced from the original one on official site ( The author introduced some basics for beginners and give his tips at the end of the article. The Legacy of Holy Castle is an Middle Age Online Strategy Browser-based Game. By building castle, researching technologies, recruiting heroes and training cadets, you can watch your own territory and plunder others, the game processes a combination of RPG and SLG elements

A Beginner's Guide

First, just know what you are playing.

This is a browser strategy game. It's slow, it takes time, it isn't meant to be played in big continuous amount of time. You set stuff to build, send your heroes to do some missions. Log off, do something else. Check back once in a while and set more orders. Time is always running. It takes time to accumulate the resources needed to build your castle.

Choosing the hero

Heroes are the center of your economy and of your military power as well. Any stat skill and any military skill combination are good and you should select depending on your preference. Vitality (also known as leadership), strength and agility both improve your hero and give bonus to your troops. Wisdom (also known as intelligence) improve the reward from some of the missions that your hero can do, particularly, it improves the amount of lumbers cut, the experience gained in training and your search ability.

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The Castle

You start with a castle (more like a starting village really) and a good hero. It gives some basic income. You'd want to build up some silver mines and some fields to improve your income. Once you find your building time taking longer than you like, start to build up your town halls level. Get your hero to lumber for some extra resource or you can go into the market and buy some equipment and send him adventuring for experience. Once you feel that the building time is reasonable, start up a tavern to attract more heroes. You can also build a stable and level a blacksmith and research the appropriate technology (forging tech and horse raising tech). It'll enable you to start forging equipments and raise horses. The training and forging time might be very long at the start. You need to raise your building's level to decrease the construction time.

All of this is pretty much taught in the first part of the novice quest that also gives some pretty nice resources for a starting castle.

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