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Game Title: Fallen Sword
Genre: RPG
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Adventure
Period: Ancient World
Time Units: Points
Fee: Buy Ingame Advantages
Developer: Hunted Cow Studios Ltd.
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This guide is original from Sisland's blog on Blogspot.com (sisland83.blogspot.com) , which helps new players to understand what they can do at some levels. Fallen Sword is a highly addictive, continuously evolving massively multiplayer roleplay game where you join players across the globe in a world of fantasy and adventure. Traverse vast areas ranging from the Misty Mountains to the mighty City of Xinderoth and beyond.

Fallen Sword Training Guide

Posted by sisland

A lot of new players join a guild asking for help. Granted that it is in the interest of the guild to help, a player should also learn to be independent. A guild (such as ours) providing 2 basic structures (Weaponsmith and Battle Totem of at least level 3 each), should provide sufficient help, at least until level 30, even if guildmates do not provide any further help.

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This post by darkarchon provides a walkthrough on how one can progress from level 1 through 30, on the Frostbite set alone. If you get help beyond that Frostbite set, you should do even better.


The guide goes on to level 65, but the Girath set mentioned in the post at level 30 now cost 6 fsps (market price), and will not be easy for a level 30 to accumulate. Perhaps at that time of posting, it was not that expensive.

So moving on from level 30, you may want to learn to plan your own equipment. If you have been following the guide above, all your level upstats (or at least 90% I hope), should go to damage. But how do you plan your equipment? What attack, armor, damage is needed?

maegglin posted this: http://forum.fallensword.com/viewtopic.php?t=32263

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In summary, these are what you need (according to his post).

1. Armor >= Creature Damage * 1.1053
2. Attack >= Creature Defense * 1.1053
3. Damage >= Creature Armor * 1.1053 + Creature HP * 1.053

The principal is to survive occasional misses (and partly praying creature do not do piercing damage), but to 1-hit 98% of the time.

There is another thought, which is to simply have an overwhelming attack against creature defense. They never miss indicating that attack vs defense is not limited to 98% chance as discussed above. Reference players : zapwacker and Ishie (can be found in my ally list).

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I have also seen other players choosing a defense style, where a high enough defense reduces the chance of creature hitting, instead of using armor to take that damage hit. This could be a better style at higher level, since creatures start to have piercing attacks at level 80s. Reference player : JoetheRat (can be found in my ally list).

Read the original guide: Newbie Guide. For more Fallen Sword information, you can check our Fallen Sword feature first.

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