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Travian Game Title: Travian
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Ancient World
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Developer: Travian Games Gmbh
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This is a guide reproduced from the original one made by Iulus on Travian is an award-winning German browser-based strategy game developed by Travian Games GmbH. The game has been translated into over 40 other languages, and has over 3 million players and over 250 servers worldwide.

This guide makes some good suggestions for Travian players. Check below.

Travian Guide: Roman Guideline

By Iulus


This guide will explain to you the basics of turning your village into an economical powerhouse, and it will teach you how to defend your resources effectively and with minimal expenses. If you want to be a heavy attacker who leaves behind a series of burning villages right from the start of the game, this is not the guide for you, although you may find it beneficial to read it anyway - even heavy attackers will need some economy. ...(Passed over)

Why Romans?

Romans have expensive and slow units, why would I want them? A good question, and this guide could be used without too much trouble by a gaul, and even by a teuton (although the teuton will have better strategies available).

But the good thing about romans is that their units, while expensive, are the most powerful in the game. No other

race can match the raw power of roman infantry, not even with cavalry. Praetorians and Imperians are the best specialists in the game, and legionnaires are among the best generalists.

At the start, training costs really hurt since at that moment these costs are the limiting factor for military size. Later in the game it is space efficiency that counts, meaning attack/defence power per unit of crop produced. And that is where Romans shine. Therefore our strategy will be targeted towards reaching this point as quickly as possible by putting a lot of effort into building a strong economy and keeping military and other expenses low during development.


Have patience. When you start playing, you will quickly notice that Travian is a slowpaced game at the start and that it takes you weeks or months to get any where.

Therefore, the first principle is: have patience! Even though development may seem slow at times, keep the longer-term goals in mind and you will notice you are getting ever closer to them.

That immediately introduces the second principle: Work towards longterm goals and don't let events (such as attacks on you) carry you away from them. Instead, deal with these diversions and then immediately return to your long-term goals.

The third principle of this strategy is: maintain exponential growth. This means you continuously have to invest your resources in such a way that they increase your growth rate. This means you will grow ever faster and faster, allowing you to eventually catch up and pass people who initially may seem to grow faster.

Don't get into conflicts: Many players around you will be immature and react emotionally and with verbal violence to your actions, or derive enjoyment from acting bad.

You cannot avoid this, but you can do a great deal to stay out of trouble. Make friends, join an alliance, and be polite but firm. Never give in to threats, harassment or extortion, but don't provoke people by being smug, defiant or triumphant. Be firm, rational and calm, don't hesitate to call bluff and never, never, react to insults or do anything that might insult people yourself. Don't get into pissing contests about who has the most allies. And stay away from the few really big and organized alliances.

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Based on these principles, we can now formulate guidelines:

1. Most important: invest resources into production fields;
2. Only build buildings when you can easily afford them in terms of hourly production;
3. Only build buildings when doing so will make you grow faster;
4. Build a minimal defence that is just big enough to make raiding you unprofitable;
5. Build offence to raid inactives and undefended actives only.

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This walkthrough is not a step-by-step description of every action you must take. It just tells you what your goals should be at each stage and what you must concentrate upon. Please feel free to follow it to the point where your own opinion and playing style starts to deviate from the one I advocate here, and be creative and adaptive. No two villages are alike. Thefore there is no best strategy, and I sure don't claim to have it.

...(Passed over)

For the detailed walkthrough, read the original one here: Roman guide - Post Version

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