DragonFable Training Guide:

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Game Title: DragonFable
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 2D
Status: Final
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Buy Ingame Advantages
Developer: Artix Entertainment LLC.
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This guide is original from Gameolosophy (www.gameolosophy.com). This article is a guide for you to trained your Dragonfable character. DragonFable is a 2D, online browser-based single-player RPG, and the prequel to "AdventureQuest." Characters can be controlled in a 2D animated world, completing quests and advancing the story. There's also a PvP feature where you can compete against the heroes created by other players, to see who's the best in the virtual land.

Dragon Fable Training Guide

Post by earthzooka

Because this is a guide for a very high level that can survive Artix's Necropolis Quest, I recommend you to have a baby dragon that have stat point of 10 in all types; an anti-darkness weapon (meaning light weapon); Paladin armor (if you're fully trained, you can used any weapon, because any special attack made by Paladin armor will be all light, DA only. For non-DA, you might wanted to trained it for bonus armor), alchemy at least level 15(help you a lot on healing).

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This guide is most likely useless for non-DA, but you might wanted to slay some undead in moonlight save in Necropolis in Artix chain-quest. Keep your badges and trained your Paladin armor, then finish the chain quest. When you finish the chain-quest, you'll unlock Destiny weapon purification. You'll also unlock the way to become a necromancer and death knight (Death knight armor required fully Necromancer and Paladin Armor trained). At least you'll get a lot of exp. and gold from hunting undead.

However, for DA player, after your Paladin Armor is trained, you'll see that all of the special attack will change any element of your weapon to light (you can even used doom weapon to attack light), so it'll be very useful to slay undead. It'll also is a fantastic armor against the monster in Artix chain-quest.

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DA player also have an advantage on purify doom weapon. They can level up Destiny weapon more than free play. This will help you more when you collecting a badges for training your Necromancer and Death Knight armor.

After doing a hard chain-quest, you'll unlock the most powerful armor, Death Knight. For DA it'll be more skillful, but it's not bad for non-DA. Now, do whatever you wanted with your Death knight armor. If you have any more question, comment.

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