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The-Pimps Game Title: The-Pimps
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: 2D
Status: Final
Theme: Crime
Period: Present Time
Time Units: Points
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Developer: Bigpoint
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This is a guide telling you how to make money in The-Pimps, which is reproduced from the original one written by Radovan8 on the official forum(

How to Make Money?

By Radovan8

For starters the easiest way to make cash is by completing your challenges. The challenges section is in the left side menu under action. To start a challenge you have to comply with certain requirements, for the first challenge for example you need a hooker and a pusher. From challenge to challenge the requirements will rise.

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Having bought a hooker and a pusher to complete your challenge you might as well use them to make more cash. A hooker automatically earns money on the street, but income will increase if you have enough money to buy a brothel. But you should always keep money in reserve to buy drugs or replace hookers.

You have to buy drugs from the Columbian if you want to earn cash with your pusher. Make sure that the pusher you buy sells the drugs you buy from the Columbian. For example if you buy crack, but you have dealer that only sells weed you won’t have any income. More pushers, more drugs, more income. But take it slow in the beginning always keep some money in reserve.

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A little later when you achieved a medium financial base you can start to upgrade your business. The last challenges should give you enough cash to make some investments into your infrastructure, like brothels, weed farms, crack houses and music clubs.

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Regards Radovan8

Read the full guide on official forum: How to make money?

About The-Pimps

As an Original Gangster (OG) you need to be presentable:This is no place for deadheads -- action is the word of the day. The status symbols for your own "street credibility" are nothing to laugh at: first you're going to need a reliable set of wheels! Pimp my ride -- that is the OG motto in The Pimps.

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