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Quake Live Game Title: Quake Live
Genre: Shooter
Graphics: 3D
Status: Open Beta
Theme: Science Fiction
Developer: id Software
Period: Future
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Free
Official Site: Click here

This guide was reproduced from the original one on GameDrone(http://gamedrone.net/). Written by Droniac.

16 Tips for Quake Live Beginners!

Posted by Droniac

Quake Live has only gone into open beta a week ago, but even now it's already one of the most played shooters on the internet. Still, despite the excellent matchmaking system, some of you might struggle fighting back against more skilled players in the various public servers you join.

The following list of hints, tactics and training methods are techniques I have uncovered after years of playing shooters competitively. Contrary to some of the other stuff you'll find out there, these are tried and true tips and strategies to improve your play, specifically geared towards beginning Quake Live players.


1. Study your environment

It is important to know the map you're playing on. It's advisable to start practicing a single game mode, prefferably FFA or TDM. Once you've decided your main game mode then focus on the maps available in that game mode and walk through them in practice mode.

Learn where the weapons, armour and health pickups are located. Also take note of possible powerups on the map and any possible height advantage you can derive from the map. It's also a good idea to give it a few runs ‘as if' you were playing, to get a feel for how to best move across the map.

These are the absolute essentials if you want to compete. You will learn them just by playing ordinarily, but it'll be a much slower process and this sort of thing can really boost your level of play early on.

Take note of your surroundings

Take note of your surroundings

2. Learn to move

Quake Live is as much about movement as it is about accuracy.

The most basic method for moving about maps is called strafejumping. This technique allows you to quickly build up speed by holding down the forward key and tapping a directional key and jump at the same time. Throwing your mouse slightly (roughly 45 degrees) in the direction you're strafing and alternating direction on each jump helps build speed even faster.

You can try to learn cirlejumping after that, which is a more advanced technique that is not nearly as easily mastered. It's commonly used for a massive boost at the start of a strafejumping run. You accomplish this by starting out at a 90 degree angle to where you wish to go. Then flick your mouse and jump 135 degrees in the direction you wish to go and strafejump from there on out. It's very difficult to learn, but very useful as well.

There are other methods of movement in Quake Live as well. You can rocketjump by planting a rocket behind/below you as you jump - this gives a massive forward/upward boost. It's also a required technique to reach Advanced level in the Quake Live training. Plasma bolts can also be used to climb straight walls, which involves jumping and then blasting plasma below you at the wall. Both of these techniques cost you health so use them wisely.

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