Get Tiffany: To Become The Alpha-male

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Get Tiffany

Get Tiffany is an online browser-based multiplayer game community about four guys trying to win the attention of a super hot chick named Tiffany. Create your player and customize your hairstyle, hair color, skin color and lots of other stuff so everybody knows that you’re you. You can then start the game right away.

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There are four people to a game so the competition is tight for Tiffany. You each start out with 50 Mojo Points and the first one to 100 Mojo Points gets Tiffany and wins the game. During each round you can either try to catch Tiffany’s attention by doing something cool or you can try to make your competition look bad in order to gain an edge in Mojo. Some of the moves you can make on Tiffany include STRUT YOUR STUFF, MAKE SMALL TALK and LOOK MYSTERIOUS. Some of the things you can do to your opponents include FIGHT, PANTS and MAKE FUN OF. During the game you can chat with the other players to taunt them or coordinate moves.

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Once the game is won, the winner receives overall game points that are added to a running total. You can then check out your statistics page and see how you fare against every other Get Tiffany player out there. The game also has a forum and a personal messaging system.

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This game is played by either trying to impress Tiffany directly or by kicking the ass of your competition. To try the direct approach, simply click on your own player when the game starts. You will be presented with a list of moves you can make. If you would rather be the last one standing, click on the player you want to hurt and choose his doom. When everyone has chosen a move the round begins and you gain or lose mojo. When you get enough mojo, you get Tiffany.

If you are interested in Get Tiffany, you can find more details here.

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