RuneScape Millionaires Guide: For Non-members

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RuneScape Game Title: RuneScape
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 3D
Status: Final
Theme: Adventure
Developer: Jagex Ltd
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Account
Official Site: Click here

This guide is made by master541090 on Cheat Engine( It is going to tell non-members how to become a Millionaire in Runescape.

The Rich Get Richer (1GP – 100K)

Have you ever heard of the term "The Rich Get Richer"? Well, that term is the basis of this guide. The term simply means, to make a lot of money, you first have to have some money.

Now you may be wondering "What if I don't have a lot of money to start with?" Well I can tell you right now, that's not a problem.

Clay Mining

If you have never heard of Clay Mining before, then wait until you hear about the MASSIVE PAYOUT this method can bring you!

Clay Mining is ridiculously simple. All you have to do is have a pick axe. It doesn't matter if you just came off tutorial island, or if you're a seasoned Runescape player, this method is designed for anyone level Runescape player. Having a higher mining level definitely helps though.

Basically what you do in Clay Mining is:

You head to your local mine with clay in it, mine it, and sell the clay at the Grand Exchange! Sound simple right? Well thats because it is! And here's the best part: Each clay piece, which takes only a second to mine, and can be mined by any level miner, can be sold for 90-105 GP a piece!

Best place to do this:

You should only have a pickaxe equipped on you, and have nothing in your inventory and nothing else equipped but that pickaxe. Head on over to the mine south west of Varrok. There you will find a few rocks that contain Clay. (For more location of mining, please check the official mining site:

I'm there, now what?:

Now mine clay until your inventory is full. Each clay should take 1-3 seconds to mine depending on your mining level. If you have 20+ mining, you will get the clay as soon as you click on the rock. Mine the clay until you have filled your inventory up with clay. Now go north and head into the Grand Exchange or Varrok West bank and bank all of your clay pieces.

After the first batch:

Now that you finished banking your first inventory of clay, head back to the mine and repeat the previous step.

Lets pull up the profits chart to see what amount of clay will translate into what amount of cha-ching!

Amount of Clay x Price Each = Total Value

100 x 95 = 9500gp

500 x 100 = 50000gp

1000 x 105 = 100000GP+!!

Alright, so we see from the good 'ole profits chart there, once you have 1000 Clay, you will have 100,000GP+ if you go ahead and sell it at the Grand Exchange for 90-105 GP, which is a most value most people are willing to pay for Clay.

Now, lets see how long this will all take on our Time Table:

Amount of Clay x Time Mining Each = Total Time Mining the Amount

100 x 1-3 Seconds = 1.5 Minutes - 5 Minutes

500 x 1-3 Seconds = 8 Minutes - 25 Minutes

1000 x 1-3 Seconds = 20 Minutes - 60 Minutes

The Time Table above indicates that it will only take around 20 minutes to just one hour to get done with all your mining needs to make you your first 100k! But you might need to add in the time it takes for the trips to bank the materials. Also, you can see how having mining that is above level 20 can greatly decrease the ammount of time it takes to mine the clay!

So once you have about 1,000 (which won't even take an hour to mine) you are already up to 100k and ready to move on to the next section! You have to choice to sell the Clay to make your 100k, or you can save the clay and use it for the next section to make 400k!

This would be the most recommended method as a way for you to make your first 100k, but if this doesnt seem to be the method you wish to use to make your first 100k, which you should be really sure about.



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