Vaperida: Vampire, Hunter and Werewolf

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Become a Hunter, Vampire or Werewolf in the medieval city of Vaperida. Join a clan and bring war to your enemies, will you rise to the top or become lunch only time will tell.

This is a tick based Vampirery game. You fight monsters or other players to gain levels and money. There's also a house you can micromanage and gain money from.

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Most of the features in Vaperida are similar to the same genre games. Such as Monstersgame, BiteFight, Battle Knight, etc. But there are still something different in Vaperida.

Newbie Protection System

If you've just started, that means you can take your time. You'll probably be happy to know that Vaperida features a newbie protection system. In Vaperida, players may attack each other within a certain level range. Level range is +/- 7 levels. However, a player may avoid any attacks by staying at the Inn. Normally staying at the inn costs Platinum, but as a new player you've received three days at the inn for free! m While you are free to leave the safety of the inn before the three days are over, it's wiser to use this time to strengthen your character.


Vaperida features a system of 5 currencies: Gold coins: the most common currency, Gold coins are used to make purchases at the Weapons Shop, the Armour Shop and the Marketplace; there are also other uses for gold coins, such as eating at the Diner or making gold coin drops at the Blood Pond; a word of caution: keeping gold coins "on hand" makes it possible to lose a percentage when losing a battle - it is wise to keep your gold coins in the bank, and only withdraw as many as necessary when making a purchase;

Battle Arena
Battle Arena is a place where you can either fight Mythical Creatures or other players. Attacking is the main way to advance in the game. You can select a search by races, by levels, by alignment or All players you can attack. The All players you can attack will show you the players which are in your range, meaning +/- 7 levels.

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Blood Bank
A nice feature in Vaperida is the blood bank. If you don't want to do anything but don't want to exceed the max on your energy you can just deposit your energy for later! And they will pay you GCs for vials you have.

You can marry other players in the game. It is purely an RP factor. It is recommended you obtain a prenuptial agreement (which will cost you) before marrying, since if you dont have any, your resources will be combined with your spouse and divided in half. Marrying is done in the Vaperida city, by selecting City Church.

Your house

This is a special place where you can earn free GCs and it is free. You only need to raise your house level for you to earn more GCs. GCs are obtained by the hour, and its calculated this way, your level of house times your level of house equals the number of GCs you are gonna get every hour.

The Cematery is a place where players can spend their energy to obtain GCs. It is only recommended for high levelers and the rate above 80 to gain some GCs. Cematary is NOT to be used with a low level character (sitter).

Upgrade Weapons and Armor
The armor bought in the Armor shop in the Vaperida city can be fully maxed. To do this you need to have a certain amount of gold. The actual upgrade is done in the Vaperida city under the link called Armorer. You need to have it unequiped to be able to upgrade it. The weapon bought in the Weapon shop cannot be fully maxed. Only Custom made weapons can be fully maxed. For you being able to create a weapon you need to be a VIP member. Remember you need to have a certain amount of strength to equip it. You need to be careful of this restriction when you are a leveler, because the only weapon you could create depends on the strength you have. Be sure to check out the Marketplace if there are any already made custom fully maxed weapons.

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