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RuneScape Game Title: RuneScape
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 3D
Status: Final
Theme: Adventure
Developer: Jagex Ltd
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Account
Official Site: Click here

This guide is reproduced from the original one on Gameolosophy( It is going to tell you how to make a RuneScape pure from scratch.


What is a Pure?

A pure is a RuneScape character that is highly powered in one stat (for example, Strength) so that it can hit high and "PK" with a low Combat Level.

What kind of pures are there?

A lot. Strength, Range, Mage, "Range+2h"er, DDS, Mauler, Defence, Prayer Beast etc...

Oh. So what kinds of pures is this guide going to talk about then? Strength, Defence and DDS.

The Strength Pure:

A strength pure is a character that generally has a low Combat level but massively high strength. (For example, a level 66 hit a 23 on my character with a rune scimitar!) Strength pures can choose whether to substitute a few combat levels for defence, or not.


Train your attack to 10. This can be done easily at chickens in Lumbridge or Seagulls in Port Sarim. At chickens you can collect feathers for cash.

Go to the Grand Exchange and buy a Black Scimitar for around 2k. Head back to the chickens or seagulls and train your strength to 10.


Go to the seagulls (or chickens but I prefer seagulls) and train your attack and strength to 20. Train your strength first as it will make the attack training quicker.

Head back to the G.E and buy a mith scimitar.


Either go to the seagulls or go to the cows. Train your attack and strength to 30 like the step before. Go and buy an adamant scimitar.

Getting good now:

Train up those two stats to 40 and go buy a Rune Scimitar. You will probably need to make money for this first (read my other guide).

This is the good part. Just train strength. You can train at spiders in the Stronghold of Security, cows, cockroach workers, Dark wizards, guards... Anything you want, within reason. You could even go to PVP worlds, or Clan Wars, Fist of Guthix or the Duel Arena.

Try and get your strength to 70+, and you will have about 50 combat but hit 15+. Also, invest in a Rune2h for PKing, and you could hit 17+!

The Defence Pure

...(Passed over)

The DDS Pure

...(Passed over)

Read the full guide on Gameolosophy.

Or find more details of RuneScape in our RuneScape Feature, or directly play this game.

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