Free Realms: A 3D Browser Game In Beta:

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Game Title: Free Realms
Genre: Card
Graphics: 3D
Status: Close Beta
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Unknown
Developer: SOE
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Free Realms is a free 3D virtual world with stunning unique graphics and fun, quirky activities. Free Realms is an attitude. It's innovative, dynamic and deep. Welcome to Free Realms, where there's so much to see and explore!

Free Realms Gameplay Walkthrough

Create a new you!

Character Creation
With so many choices, you can make yourself as unique as you want!

Character Jobs
With over a dozen character jobs, like Wizard, Adventurer, Mailman, Ninja, you'll have plenty of different ways to explore and interact with the game and other players.

Ultimate Flexibility
Be a Ninja today and a Wizard tomorrow! Not only can you choose from so many options, but you can also change your mind. Each job levels up separately, so from one minute to the next you can play how you want to play.

Free Realms Screenshot
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Pet Raising

Raise and care for your new best friend. Choose a pet based on his personality, give him a name and he's your best friend for life!

Battle fierce creatures!

Battle entertaining enemies like Robgoblins, Yeti, Forest Trolls, Giant Spiders and Mushroom Zombies in fast-paced yet streamlined combat.

Live in an online world!

Climb mountains, delve into deep forests or map out the hedge maze as you explore the living world of Free Realms.

Free Realms Screenshot
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Play fun games!

In-World Games
These easy-to-learn mini-games bring our world to life and make every activity fun to play for the first or hundredth time.

Casual Games
Classic multiplayer and single player games let you craft items for other players, or simply have fun!

Free Realms Screenshot
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Free Realms is currently in Beta. If you are interested in it, you can sign up for the Free Realms beta and keep an eye on your e-mail for a beta acceptance letter that will have a link that lets you log-in to Free Realms for the first time!

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