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RuneScape Game Title: RuneScape
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 3D
Status: Final
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Account
Official Site: Click here

Recently Jagex released a new minigame of RuneScape, Soul Wars. It's a quick, fun, team game that you can play on any server, just like Castle Wars. But, it's three times the size! Soul Wars is also a safe game, so you don't have to worry about losing any of your favourite gear.

The Soul Wars takes place upon a island which can be accessed through a portal concealed next to the ruined chapel in Edgeville. Quite why Nomad has chosen this location is unknown, but the aged ruins are surrounded by mysteries and rumours of strange rituals.

Fighting for Souls

When you first arrive on the island, you will encounter Nomad and his imp familiar. Nomad will offer you a quick tour of the field of battle along with a brief explanation, or a book that explains the basics of fighting in the Soul Wars.

When you feel you are ready to battle, you can enter one of the portals to the south of Nomad. The blue portal will align you with the Avatar of Creation, the red portal will align you with the Avatar of Destruction, and the green portal will attach you to the team with the fewest players.

Only one game can be played at any one time per world, but in theory every single player on that world could be taking part. Games last twenty minutes, with a minimum three minute waiting period in between, so you may have to wait for the previous game to end before you can get in. If you're keen to join in, however, you can enter a portal, and once per minute new soldiers can be added to the battle provided the number of adventurers on each team remains equal.

The guide of Souls Wars


You will receive a number of 'zeal points' based on your performance in Soul Wars, at the rate of 3 points for a victory, 2 for a draw, and 1 for a defeat. You can trade these in with Nomad for a variety of rewards:

  • Experience You can claim experience in Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Ranged, Magic, Prayer or Slayer. One zeal point is worth a set amount of experience depending on your level in that skill.

  • Charms Charms of any colour are available, the number you can claim depends on your combat skills' levels.

  • Other Most options here are new Slayer pets, resurrected from remains you bring along. If you bring a stuffed or unstuffed trophy of a crawling hand, cockatrice, basilisk, kurask or abyssal demon, Nomad will then supply you with a pet of that type. See Summoning - Pets for more information. You can also purchase a 'gamble'. The gamble option will grant you a random reward - there is a wide range of possible rewards, but you'll never know just what you're going to get.

Soul Wars Rewards

Note: Souls Wars is only accessible to RuneScape Members. You need to subscribe to get this feature.

You can find more details of RuneScape in our RuneScape Feature, or directly play this game.



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