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    Summary: Everyone knows that travian and ikariam all have many gameplay. Players gain much happy from them. But does anyone knows some difference between them? In my opinion, travian and ikariam are very similar. Have you recalled some difference between them? If you recall something, you can submit your comment at the end of this page.

    Everyone knows that both travian and ikariam have varied gameplay and many players gain much happiness from them. But how will you compare these two games? Are they similar or totally different?

    In my opinion, travian and ikariam are very similar. They are both browser-based games, which you can play in your browser, IE or Firefox, and no download required. In addition, they are both strategy type and very popular. But do they have any differences?

    Ok, no hurry. Let's check out some basic information about these two games first.

    Travian introduction

    Travian quick start

    About the company (Travian Games GmbH)

    In the summer of 2004 Gerhard Müller published a first version of Travian, the game he had developed himself. Just one month later, the online game has gained one hundred active gamers through word of mouth recommendations alone. As the community grows and Travian becomes a full-time job, Gerhard Müller decides against his studies in chemistry at the Technical University of Munich, and together with his brother Siegfried founds Travian Games GbR in July 2005. Just a few months later, in the autumn of 2005, what once was a hobby becomes Travian Games GmbH. Holger Miller joins the duo of founders as third man on the team, and makes the company's host servers his responsibility. In May 2007 Travian Games GmbH moves in to new offices in Parkstadt Schwabing in the heart of Munich, and just a year later already has 50 emplyees. For the future, new game titles and expanding into further language areas are on the agenda.

    Ikariam introduction

    What's inside ikariam

    About the company (Gameforge)

    In 2003 Gameforge started as a pioneer in developing and – shortly afterwards – publishing browser- and client-based Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs). Founders Alexander Roesner and Klaas Kersting utilized the enormous growth in terms of broadband internet access to easily distribute MMOGs such as "OGame" thereby creating a new variety of games industry attracting millions of players in only a short period of time. Gameforge's objective: To merge the advantages of the world wide web with the fun people have when playing computer games.

    Travian Ikariam
    Genre: Strategy Strategy
    Graphics: Text With Graphics Text With Graphics
    Theme: Warfare Warfare
    Period: Ancient World Ancient World
    Time Units: Realtime Realtime
    Fee: Purchase Premium Account Purchase Premium Account
    Status: Final Final
    Official Site: http://www.travian.cn   http://ikariam.com/  

    From the above, we can see that travian and ikariam are almost the same. But through playing the two games, you will find that although they are similar in most parts, they also have some differences. The following are the differences I’ve found.


    Elite Avengers Screenshot
    Travian Screenshot
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    Elite Avengers Screenshot
    Ikariam Screenshot
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    ikariam vs travian animacion animation

    From my point of view, ikariam has better graphics than travian. Graphics is very important to every game. When you try a game, the graphics will you a first impression. If the graphics is really bad, you’ll lose interest and don’t’ want to continue playing it. What’s your opinion?


    In travian there are three races you can choose. you are the chieftain of a small village in Roman times, with a choice of playing as a Roman, a Gaul, or a Teuton. You control the village and a fixed number of spaces around the village. The spaces are used to gather resources: wood, clay, iron, and crops. With these resources you can either increase your resource production, or you can build buildings in the village.

    But In ikariam you don't have any options when you are starting it like race or such so you just get put into the role of the mayor of a town. The purpose is to build up a empire with good technology and a lot of citizens. And yeah the action is on islands so you will have to build ships to travel to other people. There is room for a lot of towns on one island, but you would seemingly want to spread out so you can harvest several different resources.


    In my view, the systems in travian are simpler than ikariam. Alliances are a huge part of travian. Alliances are groups of players playing together. These groups can hold up to 60 players. In order to found an alliance or to join an already existing one you need an embassy level 3 resp. level 1. It's a good idea to join an alliance, especially if you want to make your village less attractive to farmers. People will attack you less often if you're part of a big, powerful alliance. In ikariam there are many systems, town, diplomatismm, Academy and military .etc. If you are playing this two games, You can tell other players something about their systems at the end of this page.

    By the way, I found that ikariam is slower than travian due to things building and upgrading. In ikariam, i found it a bit slow moving. Do you have the same experience to me when you play these games?

    Do you have some other views about the differences between travian and ikariam? If yes, please share them with us through making comments at the bottom of this page.

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