Electro City: Mayor Wanted!

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Electro City

ElectroCity is an online computer game that simulates, in a very simplified way, energy management in New Zealand. ElectroCity allows players to create their own city and explore different approaches to energy and the environment. It is educational and fun.

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Rather than having your city change in real time (which can be difficult to manage) the game is divided into discrete turns. In each turn the game is frozen and you make decisions about your city, like what to build and where to build it. When you're happy, you press the Next Turn button and all your decisions are put into practice and then you go to the next turn. There are 150 turns in the game. After that your achievements will be scored.

There are four categories and each one is scored between A+ and D-.

  • Popularity (how happy your citizens are)
  • Population
  • Environmental Impact
  • Security of Supply (avoiding blackouts!)
Your overall score is the average of these. To get the highest score you have to play the game in a balanced and realistic way. You need to listen to your citizens, provide jobs and electricity, balance self-sufficiency with cooperation, maintain a healthy cash flow and care for the environment.

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"How is energy generated?" "How much does it cost?" "How does it affect the environment?" ElectroCity was developed to increase public awareness – particularly among students – of the basic "common knowledge" of these topics. You can find this game at http://electrocity.co.nz/.

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