Legacy: Level Up And Rise to Power

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Legacy is an online multiplayer browser based RPG, one of the few left with a full range of features and yet free with no banners or popups. It can be played from nearly any computer in the world. Play from your office, from school, from internet cafes or just from home. Interact with countless others around the world, level up and rise to power.

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  • Free to play with no advertisements or other annoyances.
  • Great community and democratic player-run gangs.
  • Level up and train abilities until you become a level 80 avatar.
  • team based warfare in a battle for gang territory.
  • Hunt special NPC characters in the search for powerful items.
  • Customize your character with a huge range of unlockable clothing.
  • Form clans, trade items, and try your luck in our casino.

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Aim of Legacy
The aim of the game is to level up and eventually reach level 80 and get best items. You level up by beating other players in fights or hunting non-player characters.

Leveling Up
Everytime you fight you gain experience, when you reach the max experience for that level you level up. This means your experience is reset and your level is increased by 1. You also gain 2 Stat Points each time you level up, which you can spend on increasing stats like strength/agility or HP which is your life. The maximum level you can reach is level 80 at which point you will become an Avatar.

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Healthy and Injured
Your character is either healthy or injured, you are healthy whenever your character has more than 0 HP. When you have 0 HP you are injured and cannot fight or work in some jobs. You can only be attacked when your healthy, however you can be attacked whether you are online or offline. Just as you can attack other offline healthy players.

Turn System
The turns in the game represent real time, we use turns rather than realtime because it means you can play without having to be online 24/7 by saving up turns. Turns can be used for 3 things. You can either work in Jobs, to get money which you can later use to buy weapons/items/armor, they can be used to attack players or they can be used to hunt NPCs. (Non-Player Characters)

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Real Time
You get 200 turns an hour, every hour. You can check Server clock in Information. You will be revived and fully healed to full HP 6 hours after you are injured. Providing you dont click the miss next revive option. Also at midnight your attacked list will be cleared so you can attack everyone again.

Stats Information

These are all your stats and what they are, what they affect.
  • Damage - How much damage you do.
  • Armor - Reduces damage inflicted on you.
  • Accuracy - How often you can hit people.
  • Dodge - Makes it harder to get hit.
  • Speed - Decides if you get to hit first or not.
  • HP - Health Points when they reaches 0 you're Injured.
  • EXP- Experience gained from fighting.
  • Turns - Time as explained above.
  • Points - The stat points you have yet to spend.

If you are interested in this game, you can find it here.

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