Delta Draco: Galaxy With 40000 Planets to Conquer:

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Game Title: Delta Draco
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Space
Period: Future
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Official Site: Click here
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Delta Draco is a space web based game, part of the futuristic playable game system of Nebula Core. The game offers abundant and complex economical system, rich variety of technologies, space ships and buildings as well as almost limitless possibility of development for the player. This is given with a functional interface and hand-painted illustrations.

Delta Draco is the type of turn-based or, with other words – a game, based on turns. Each one turn continues exactly 15 minutes, and after that all of the resources are refreshed, buildings and spaceships are built and the new turn begins. In Delta Draco turns are named days or playable days. The world in which the game develops is on a post-space stage and your hero begins its development after a colonization spaceship crushes on an unpopulated planet with atmosphere suitable to breath.

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For the existence and progress of one planet of main significance is natural abundance as well as technological process. The second one is a result of the availability of products and techniques that help transform the available into the necessary. As many technologies you learn, as many different possibilities for development you will have.

Delta Draco Screenshot
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In this section you will find detailed information about all ground and orbital complexes and the buildings in them. You will understand what is the purpose of each one building, what kind of resources are necessary for its built and what kind of resources it gathers on playable day.

Special characteristics for some buildings:

* When the building is marked with , its production depends on the natural abundances of the planet. This means that its gather is valid on availability of 100 natural abundance on the planet
* When the building is marked with , it is unique and could not be turned off!

Ground Buildings
Ground buildings can be build from the foundation of the colony, these are the buildings you will build in the biggest part of the game.

Orbital Buildings
After building Launchpad or Satellite Factory and learning the technology Space buildings, you will already have the possibility to build buildings in the space. Buildings in the space are independent on the natural abundance of the planet above which are built.

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Space Ships

In Delta Draco you have the possibility of building a diverse fleet of spaceships independent of the development of technology and your colony. These ships are divided into classes and types. The classes are MK1, MK2, MK3, MK4, MK5, MK6 and Specials. The different classes define the size of the spaceship. Spaceships from class MK1 are the smallest one, class MK6 is the biggest in the game, and in class Specials are located the colonizators for unhabitable planets.

As the classes define the size of the spaceship, the type define their functionality. In Delta Draco you have the possibility to build spaceships type colonizator, transport, military and support. All these spaceships by the time of a battle are grouped into the next groups - fighters, frigates, destroyers, cruisers, artilleries и support, and in group support are all non-military spaceships. Because with yhe progress of the technologies are studied new types of hulls, shields, engines and weapons, almost all spaceships except base model have additional types, called models.


The spiral galaxy type Nebula in Delta Draco has 7,732 stars, around which are turning 39,651 planets. For better navigation it is separated schematically in sectors and quadrants. The whole galaxy is 5 x 3 sectors, and one sector contains 5 x 5 quadrants. This means that in the galaxy there are 375 quadrants with stars.

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Battles in Delta Draco are separated mainly on two types in dependence of the fact if one is attacking some enemy’s fleets or if a fleet attacks a planet. To realize a battle, the players must be in war declaration. This could be realized through main screen Diplomacy, where you will have the possibility to chose the player who you want to declare war.

Some Tips here: Delta Draco Tips: Tips to Begginers

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