Lost City: Will You Just Survive or Will You Thrive?:

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Lost City Game Title: Lost City
Genre: RPG
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Crime
Period: Present Time
Time Units: Points
Fee: Optional Premium Account/Buy in game advantages
Official Site: Click here
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In the early 80s what is now called Lost City was a thriving island nation. The island needed more power so the city council consented to having a small power plant built to harness the amazing power of the islands volcano . Unfortunately the Islands volcano didnt cooperate and exploded sending burning embers all over the island. Massive fires broke out burning the island horribly and killing ninety percent of the islands population. The island was left for dead, communication cut off from the rest of the world. Out of the ashes rose another civilation...The Lost City.

You are a convicted criminal that gets dropped off on the island with one hundred bucks and your wits. The local leaders give you a shack to live in. Will you just survive or will you thrive? The rest is up to you.

This is Lost City and here, you're on your own. No one is going to look out for you or hold your hand, so you best get a grip and learn to take care of yourself. This means making money, getting stronger, and staying healthy. The more money you earn, however you see fit, means more things you can do or buy. Higher levels gain you more prestige, access to quests, and more life. In return, you can keep ahead of your comrades and take care of yourself when attacked by people just like you, out to get ahead. If you want, and it's highly suggested, you can rebuild what's left of the work force by getting a job or going to the local university. There are numerous options available for you to try, so don't be afraid to get your feet wet.

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