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Game Title: High Descent
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Medieval
Time Units: Points
Fee: Buy in game advantages
Official Site: Click here
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High Descent is a free PBBG - a persistent browser-based game. High Descent is a massively multiplayer online game, meaning that you compete against hundreds, or even thousands of other players all over the world. This text-based game is based in the 12th century. You start off as a nobleman, with a small amount of gold and no mercenaries. As you begin this journey you must acquire gold. This gold will help you hire mercenaries to help your fighting cause. Your cause is to be the most feared, experienced noble in the land. You do this, by partaking (and winning) battles with other noblemen for experience points.

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The object of game

The goal of High Descent is to ascend the ranks of nobility(Noblity Points). To do so, you must assemble an army of mercenaries and bring them successfully into battle. But be sure to equip your mercenaries with the finest armor and weapons, or they will not last long.

Gold Pieces are used to purchase mercenaries. Your mercenaries will help you win battles against other noblemen to gain experience for your mercenary, and gain Nobility Points. A guide on the most efficient way to gain Nobility Points is provided in another section.

Although there are many players in High Descent, only the Top 50 from the previous season get a goblet next to their name. You will see 3 different colored Goblets next to Noblemen's names in the Town Hall or in your Recent Happenings; a Gold goblet means the Noblemen placed 10th or better, a Silver Goblet means the Noblemen placed 25th or better, and a Bronze Goblet means the Noblemen placed 50th or better. You Must Finish a season with a game placement of 50th or better to recieve a Goblet. You can see a Noblemen's previous Season records when you view a Noblemen's profile. If you have finished a season yourself, you can see your own placings below your Recent Happenings.

High Descent Screenshot
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Making money

There are several ways to acquire gold in High Descent:

Daily Salary: This is the most common way to make money. Every day at reset (midnight Eastern Standard Time), every player receives an amount of gold equal to your Daily Salary (listed under Nobleman Allocation Levels at your Home). To increase the amount of gold you gain through salary, allocate nobilty points to Salary the next time you gain a Nobility Rank. Your salary also automatically increases as you gain nobility ranks.

Winning Battles Against Other Noblemen: Every time you attack and defeat an enemy noble, you gain some gold. Each individual battle may not give you much, but added up over several battles that extra gold becomes significant. Stalemates against other noblemen give generate half the usual gold and experience.

At The Arena: Here, you can either bet on jousting matches or pit your gladiator against wild beasts. If you bet on the winning knight in a jousting match, you earn back your bet plus some extra gold, depending on the odds. When your mercenary kills an animal in the gladiator pit, it gains experience and you gain gold. Stalemates in the Pit give you no experience or gold, unlike stalemates when battling other noblemen.

Goldsmith: At the Goldsmith you can exchange your dollars for gold pieces through PayPal, a credit card, or through the mail.

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Alliances are a very important part of High Descent. Firstly, it allows a noble to interact with 11 other people to work towards a common goal -- being the strongest alliance. Secondly, there are many benefits to joining or purchasing an alliance. Such benefits include, but are not limited to: alliance battles (everybody in the alliance compiles mercenaries to fight another alliance), the ability to make extra mercenary experience and gold for retaliating on a fallen teammates behalf, and shared resources with players who may have add-ons (example: spy) The alliance center allows you to purchase an alliance, or simply look for an alliance to join.

If you are interested in this game, you can find it here.

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