B.O.T.S. ][: A Semi-real-time Robot-Managing Fighting Game

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B.O.T.S.][ is a free addictive text-only semi-real-time web-based robot-managing fighting game was designed and developed by Rolf 'floR' Raven in DHTML, JavaScript and PHP, using vi, notepad and Photoshop.

The objective of the game is to train your bot by practicing and ultimately fighting others' bots, by yourself or in clans. This results in experience. This experience can be used to advance typical fighting skills. It is your choice on which skill to focus. Another way to excel in battle is your choice of equipment.

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  • hundreds of different types of weapons
  • unique weapons with special ability
  • lots of different armours
  • unique armourtypes with bonus to skills
  • several non-player bots for training
  • over a thousand players
  • live overview of status of online players
  • hall of fame
  • equipment damage
  • RPG stat system
  • insurance to secure your cash
  • voting system of playability issues
  • honourable mention of the top player
  • customizable bot
  • various statistics
  • extensive documentation
  • discussion forum
  • clans & diplomacy
  • instant messaging
  • open to YOUR suggestions!
  • ...so lots more to come

B.O.T.S.][ Screenshot
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The B.O.T.S. system

$$ - Money
You need money to repair your bot after a battle, With a win, you get part of the opponent's money and an additional bonus, since you are a member of the B.O.T.S. Union. You can also use money for upgrades of your bot, in the form of weapons and armour.

XP - eXperience Points
Every hit results in XP, the amount depends of the quality of the hit. Extra XP are gained with a win. XP can be invested in the fighting skills or the level of intelligence of your bot.

This number represents the damage of your bot. When damage reaches 100%, the fight is over and you lose. The better your armour, the longer your bot will last.

STR - Strength
The strength of the bot affects the force of impact of a weapon.

CON - Constitution
The ability to survive lethal blows.

DEX - Dexterity
Your physical fighting and avoiding quality.

INT - Intelligence
The expertise to anticipate your opponent's next move. The higher your INT, the more you learn from a fight.

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If your bot has gained enough experience points, you can advance its skills by entering the Workshop. The higher a skill (str, con, dex and int), the more it costs to upgrade it.

The Workshop is also the place to give your bot a new spray paint. This has nothing to do with its fighting abilities, but adds to the personalization.


In the showroom you are offered a selection of the finest of equipment for your bot. Be sure to check out the shop often, because the list of items varies a lot between visits. You even have the chance of finding a unique piece of equipment with special abilities. But beware, not everyone can equip just any weapon. It's no more than logical that only the strongest bots can wield the best weapons. Fortunately the shop owner can advice you on which equipment you can use.


You can train your bot to improve its skills. This is safer, but much slower, than fighting other bots. You can either fight a shadow of yourself, or train against bots from different classes and with different equipment. Your bot will be repaired after training session.

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You can challenge another bot for battle. Note that this results in a fight 'to the death', i.e. the fighting continues until either one of the bots is destroyed. The defending bot will probably not be online and therefore can not decline a challenge. So your bot can be challenged while you're sleeping. If you have a problem with this, don't play the game.

Destruction sounds more dramatic than it really is. You don't lose your bot, you lose a third of your money. You even don't lose XP, for a lesson can be learned from each defeat.
uninhabitated islands you can bury treasure to save it for later use or search for hoardes that have been hidden by other pirates!

If you are interested in this game, you can find it here.

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