Runescape Guide: Cooking Guild Guide

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All about the cooking guild...from the pie shop to the wheat fields.

Location: West Varrock near Juliet's house

Requirements: You need 32 cooking and a Chef's hat.

Requirement Exceptions:

  • A skillcape for cooking will allow you to enter the guild without a chef's hat on.
  • If you drink a Chef's Delight before entering the guild you can go in with only a level 30 cooking and if you have a matured Chef's delight you can enter at 29 cooking.

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Getting There

Method 1. (Members only) - You can get there by using a enchanted Dragonstone necklace to teleport directly to the cooking guild.

Method 2. Another way to get there is buy using the teleport to Varrock spell and walk west to the guild.

Method 3. Another one of the ways you can get to the guild is by using a Skull Sceptre to teleport to the Barbarians Village. Then walk east until you reach the earth road and follow it to the guilds door.

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The First Floor

There are 2 characters in the guild and the are on they are both on the first floor. The first one is the head chef who welcomes you to the cooking guild. Also if you get 99 cooking you can buy a cooking skillcape off him for 99k. The other one is the cooking guilds pie seller (members only).

1. At this spot you will find a chocolate bar respawn which can be used to make a chocolate cake.

2. At this spot you will find a pump that you can use to make dough.

3. At this spot you will find ......


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