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Game Title: Pirates Assault
Genre: RPG
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Pirates
Period: Medieval
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Account/Buy in game advantages
Official Site: Click here
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Pirates Assault is Browser-based pirate game. Pirates were once the most feared voyagers in the seven seas. In PiratesAssault you now have the opportunity to become a pirate. Decide whether you would like to become a noble and honorable swashbuckler or if you prefer to build a reputation as a merciless and cruel tyrant of the seas, attacking any and all opponents encountered during sea raids. Enter the exciting world of PiratesAssault, meaure your stength during duels with other pirates, go on sea raids, train your character, equip your ship and wage glorious sea battles, all in the search for glory, gold respect and fame!!

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  • Choose from hundreds of swords, knives, pistols and rings and amulets improve your fighting abilities.
  • Buy crystals to energize your weapon with magical powers and inflict extra damage to your enemies.
  • Upgrade your ship and equip it with the most powerful cannons to successfully defeat your enemies during sea battles.
  • Establish a guild and erect the largest sea fortress in the entire region.
  • Customize your personal character avatar; there are billions of possible combinations!
  • Improve your skills using weapons and captianing ships to be able to buy better and more powerful equipment.
  • Train your fighting abilities to remain a few steps ahead of your competitors.
  • Give your weapon and ship an individual name to stand out from the crowd.
  • Buy larger and more powerful ships and equip them to gain an advantage over your enemies.
  • Travel to the various ports and islands on the sea chart and engage in trade to earn gold
  • Bury your gold on uninhabited islands to protect it from hostile eyes or search for buried treasure belonging to other players.

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  • Captains's skills: The higher this skill is, the more powerful the cannons available in the cannon foundry will become.
  • Melee weapon skills: The higher this skill is, the better the types of main and secondary weapons available for purchase in the shop will become.
  • Ranged weapon skills: The higher this skill is, the better the ranged weapons available for purchase in the shop will become.

Ship and Shipyard

Here you can see the current status of your ship and review information such as the condition of the ship, the crew, the type of cannons on board and which trade goods are in the hold!

Shipyard - Repair ship
If your ship has been damaged during sea battles, you can repair the damage here.

Shipyard - Improve ship
Here you can upgrade your ship to provide more room for cargo, cannons and crew members. You can also have the hull strengthened to improve the ship's defenses and can purchase better sails to increase the maximum sailing speed.

Shipyard - Buy new ship
Once you have reached the necessary level, you can buy a larger and better ship here!

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At the shop you can purchase main and secondary melee weapons, ranged weapons, rings, amulets and crystals. Certain items can only be purchased in exchange for jewels or can only be bought and used by players with a certain alignment.


There you can give your weapon an individual name. Furthermore, you can set your weapon with up to 3 crystals, which causes your weapon to inflict magical damage to the enemy; the type of damage depends on the crystal used. Only magical amulets (can be purchased in the shop) can protect you against magical damage. The blacksmith can also improve each weapon up to three times by modifying it; each level of modification causes added damage.


Here you can challenge other pirates to a duel to see how your skills compare to those of others.

Sea battles

Here you send you pirate ship and crew into battle against other pirate vessels. The battles take place under basically the same conditions as in duels, but after successfully entering an enemy ship, you can also capture a portion of any trading goods that are found in the ship's hold!

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Sea raids

Here you can go on sea raids, filling your coffers with the loot found in fat merchant vessels and galleons! Decide whether you would like to be an honorable pirate who only attacks vessels hostile to pirates or attack any and all vessels you discover. Your decision will affect your character's alignment points and gradually determine your overall alignment. You can go on sea raids for 60 minutes, as a Premium player you can go on 120 minutes. Each successful sea raid yields gold, experience and alignment points for your character.

Sea chart

This section of the game allows you to explore islands and ports in the PiratesAssault world. On inhabited islands you can trade goods and use the services located in the port city or town. The prices for trading goods found in the various locations is not always the same, so an adventurous and apt pirate can supplement his/her income by transporting goods between islands. On uninhabitated islands you can bury treasure to save it for later use or search for hoardes that have been hidden by other pirates!

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