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Game Title: Imperial Ages
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Medieval
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Official Site: Click here
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Imperial Ages is a free browser based strategy game, set in the Medieval Ages. There are 4 civilizations to choose from, over 110 military units and 3 ages to advance through. Grow your empire by doing war or building up your cities, it's your choice.

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here are 4 different resources in Imperial Ages:
  • Wood: Wood is produced in the Wood Chopper, and each additional upgrade of the resource field brings more wood per hour.
  • Stone: Stone is brought in from the Stone Quarry, and then deposited in the Warehouse. Higher levels of the Stone Quarry bring in more resources per hour.
  • Iron: The Iron Mine is used to extract iron, which is then sent to the Warehouse. Higher levels of the Iron Mine will bring more resources per hour.
  • Gold: The Gold Mine is used to extract gold, which is then sent to the Treasury for safe keeping. Each upgrade done to the Gold Mine increases its production.
Wood, stone and iron are stored in the Warehouse. Gold is stored in the Treasury.

Military Buildings

These are the buildings that train units, upgrade them, send them to war or defend the village from enemy attacks.

Other Buildings(Warehouse Treasury Trade Office Trade Center City Hall Consulate)

Imperial Ages Screenshot
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Forming an alliance

An alliance can be formed by someone that has a Consulate level 2, at which point the alliance can have 10 members. Each additional level built of the Consulate allows for another 5 members to join, up to 100 members at level 20.

Joining an alliance

To join an alliance, the player needs to have a Consulate level 1 and receive an invitation from that alliance. Invitations can be seen and accepted when you enter the Consulate.


To login as a sitter for another account, you need to login with his username and your password. To be a sitter for someone, you need to be added by him, from User Profile, the Sitter tab. You can decide what can be done by a sitter on your account, by picking any of the following rights:
  • Demolish Buildings
  • Read Emails
  • Write Emails
  • Delete Emails
  • Conquer Cities
  • Disband Troops
Each account can have a maximum of two sitters, and be sitter for two other accounts.

Imperial Ages Screenshot
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When it comes to doing battle, there are two options at your disposal when attacking: raid and normal attack.


During a raid, all troops behave the same, as infantry or cavalry units and take part in the battle right from the beginning. This is true for both the attacker and the defender. Typically, both parties will lose only a part of the troops they use in battle. After a first round of battle, the attacker’s troops will return home with whatever resources they can take. Catapults, rams, senators, can’t use their special attacks in raids. To use them for their intended purpose, you need to use normal attack.

Normal Attack

In a normal attack, infantry and cavalry units fight the first rounds, with the archer units offering support from behind the lines. Catapults, rams and Senatorw/Lord Mayorw/Noyanw/Spatars aren’t involved in the battle until the entire defender army is destroyed.

During the first rounds infantry and cavalry units are split into different groups and fight both defensive units specialized against them and units that are not. Depending on how the armies are formed, the winner can end the battle with a different army structure, for example losing a higher number of one unit type than another (Example: losing all infantry and cavalry units, but keeping most of the archers alive).

A guide here: Imperial Ages Guide: First 7 Days In The Game

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